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Goldenrod Corp.
Issue Spotlight
The Lucca-based Lucart Group strengthens its presence in the tissue market.
They include one AfH line and one for consumer products
Dino Bianco has been appointed as his successor
It will increase airlaid capacity by 25% at Rexcell's Skåpafors plant in Sweden
A special drying process enhances absorbency and softness
The company’s total capacity is now 630,000 metric tpy
Clouth Sprenger, LLC
From The Experts
Turn out excellent speed and products in 2018
Appleton will host the second installment of this conference
Tissue/Toweling Industry News
The first machine started up in November
The mill started four machines in 2017
New equipment for an AfH plant will be installed in summer 2018
OMET Americas, Inc.
Development teams worked for more than two years to perfect the products
Twelve of the company’s products received certification
New Technologies
The name change took effect January 1
Kadant Solutions Division
Warehouse Specialist
Edson Packaging Machinery Limited
Naylor Association Solutions

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