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Goldenrod Corp.
Issue Spotlight
The company is investing $340 million in this project to bolster its private label business
The company will also start up a new machine at its Kawanoe mill
The raise is due to new local production and is valid for two years
The company will close an older tissue machine in Stubbins and divest Chesterfield
tissue plant to Sidcot Group
It will be the first overseas subsidiary of the Shenzhen-listed company.
Andritz will supply the machine which will start up in the second half of the year
Research Forum and Poster Session at Tissue 2017
Hygiene Care Company, a Saudi Arabian-based subsidiary of BIG3 Qatar, restarted diaper
production at the site in the province of Zaragoza, north-central Spain, in December
The Pennsylvania tissue and towel distributor benefits from a state economic development program
Bonetti Company, Inc.
Insight Technology International LLC
From The Experts
A large panel of expertise has been assembled to instruct this
Toscotec S.p.A
Market Roundup

Due to media reports regarding possible bids on the company’s hygiene as well as forest products businesses, SCA wants to clarify that the Group does not comment on such information.

SCA is focused on what it communicated on August 24, 2016, concerning the company’s hygiene- and forest products operations: Work initiated to propose to the 2017 Annual General Meeting to decide on a split of the SCA Group into two listed companies: hygiene and forest products.

Although struggling with energy costs, the mill has been able to make good on its debt
Net sales remain stable from year ago at $16.9 billion
Two of the six enterprise zone partners have approved the tax abatement
The acquisitions pave the way for further growth
The Pennsylvania tissue and towel distributor benefits from a state economic development program
American Baler Company
Tissue/Toweling Industry News
Chain of custody certification is becoming an important consumer demand
Toscotec has successfully completed a rebuild project at a mill in France
The first two second generation TT SYD-22FT (diameter 6,705 mm) have been shipped from the port of Marina di Carrara, Tuscany.
Local authorities help with new road and rail connections
Celli will provide the tissue machine, the mill’s second
AMG Packaging & Paper Limited now makes three lines of tissue which augment its core corrugated paper business.
According to The Gleaner, the market appears bullish on the direction of the business, as the AMG stock is now priced at roughly 30 times earnings or about double the average of the junior stock market.

"We have three brands now Tishoo, Cottony and Plush. All three brands are owned by AMG," said general manager Michael Chin.
The new unit’s first paper rolled off the line in early 2016
The two units at the Longyou mill will start in mid-2017
The new AFH line has that softer "at home" look and feel
OMET Americas, Inc.
A.Celli Paper will supply the new unit incuding stock prep, DCS and QCS
Taison Group has ordered four tissue rewinders from A.Celli to be installed in its Jiangxi mill
The lines were successfully started up at Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing's Chongqing mill in China
Schmidt replaces Sergio Cruz, who will now head the company's operations in Latin America
He succeeds Sergio Casella who stepped down due to other commitments
The unit will be installed at the Nyboholm, Sweden, mill
A.Celli Paper helps Mexican production growth with the supply of a new tissue machine
Edson Packaging Machinery Limited
New Technologies
Customer requests for more control pave the way for advancements
Developed for the tissue industry, it can be used in all Yankee doctor positions
This Italian company has always put security at the top of its priorities
Kadant Inc.
Warehouse Specialist
Safety Hats - Direct Digital Manufacturing Services

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