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Goldenrod Corp.
Issue Spotlight
Gordon Brothers, a global advisory, restructuring, and investment firm specializing in the industrial, consumer products, and retail sectors, acquired the assets of Lincoln P&T (filed for bankruptcy this past September) as part of a joint venture that includes Capital Recovery Group, PPL Group, and Rabin Worldwide.

Vinda International Holdings, Hong Kong, will acquire SCA’s (Finland) hygiene business in South East Asia, Taiwan, and South Korea for HK$2.8 billion.
New organization is based on four business units: Away-from-Home, headed by Juha Tilli; Baking & Cooking, headed by Mariusz Jedrzejewski; Consumer Continental, headed by Christoph Zeiler; and Consumer Nordics, headed by Mark Watkins.
By almost all indicators—production, demand, and potential consumption levels—the Southeast Asian tissue markets are booming. However, the specter of the Chinese slowdown hangs over these markets, threatening future growth. In its latest Point of View, Pöyry (Finland) looks at how real the China threat is.
Tissue industry will gather in May for world’s ONLY peer-reviewed non-commercial program of tissue technology.
Course combines experience from an exceptional faculty of global tissue experts.
Bonetti Company, Inc.
Market Roundup
Total At-Home (consumer) shipments of converted tissue products increased 1.3% y/y in November 2015 (+1.7% 10 mo. YTD), with toilet paper volumes up 1.3% y/y, towels ahead 1.8%, and facial volumes flat y/y. Total AfH shipments rose 3.0% y/y (+3.0% 11 mo. YTD), with toilet paper volumes up 2.9%, towels ahead 2.4%, and napkin volumes 2.5% higher than a year ago.
Vendors are now looking forward to coming up with newer products that enable their current consumers to spend more on variants of the same product in the areas that have mostly been drained.
The U.S. sanitary paper producers’ price index inched back down to a 57-month low in November, according to data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Company registers 999.5 million Egyptian pounds ($127.7 million) worth of hygienic paper exports between January and November 2015, and tops the list with exports reaching 108.7 million pounds during November.
Tissue/Toweling Industry News
W+D is a recognized leader in highly efficient integrated system solutions for the tissue and hygiene industry as well as for the mail and postal industry.
Partnership ensures the responsible manufacturing of environmentally preferable products that improve daily lives.
Authorization follows the successful completion of the company’s previous $100 million stock repurchase authorization, which was implemented by the board of directors in December 2014.
Event offered a full immersion into the tissue business, completing the experience with a visit to a fully erected 150 metric tpd tissue machine EconSOFTTM ERS (Energy and Resources Saving) with the new shoe press concept EconPRESSTM NExT (New Extended nip concept for Tissue).
Company will invest approximately $80 million to build a new production facility in the U.S. for its Advanced Airlaid Materials business (AMBU). It is currently evaluating location options, primarily in the southern U.S.
Funds raised will help teach students in China proper hygiene practices and improve sanitation facilities—including toilets and hand-washing stations—in addition to training teachers on the importance of clean water, sanitation, and hygiene practices.
With this financial assistance, the company was able to complete a condensate management improvement project and will implement a heat recovery project.
Juha Lappalainen will succeed Kari Saarinen, who was appointed Valmet's CFO in November.
Kari Jordan, president and CEO of Metsä Group (Finland) has been named RISI's 2016 European CEO of the Year. Award will be presented at the European Conference, which will take place in Berlin, Germany, from February 29-March 2, 2016.
The installed base of OMET tissue converting machines now spreads over the five global continents.
Acquisition continues company’s strategy of vertically aligning nationwide converting production with OX's paper mills that produce high-strength, 100% recycled tube and core paperboard.
Loan will help support the company's restructuring and recapitalization process in the first phase towards privatization. Paloma produces around 68,000 metric tons of hygiene paper annually, which is processed into toilet paper, paper towels, handkerchiefs, and napkins for household use and for the away-from-home segment.
Fábricas de Papel Potosí,brings on-stream a new A.Celli 25,000 metric tpy tissue machine at its mill in San Luis Potosí.
Erik Olsson, MSc in computer and regulation technology, has been appointed president of the Pöyry PLC (Finland) Management Consulting Business Group and a member of the Group Executive Committee.
Expansion includes new a drying machine, operations center, and media paths, while the rebuild and extension includes causticizing, recovery boiler and turbine, and various ground works.
Eucalyptus-based fluff pulp at Papel e Celuloseʼs Suzano mill, São Paulo, Brazil, is mainly used for production of sanitary papers.
Ceremony took place in Rome, in Villa Wolkonsky, the official residence of British Ambassador Christopher Prentice.
New Technologies
Flowrox Smart Series products will be equipped with intelligent solutions that will ensure connectivity via the Internet, allowing the consistent monitoring of Flowrox products and systems.
Facial cleansing products for women combine uniquely textured, multilayered fabrics infused with a pro-vitamin complex for a noticeably healthier looking, and feeling, skin.
PMP’s image modernization is a response to the significant metamorphosis that the company has gone through within the past couple of years and is an element of PMP’s new strategy for the years 2016-2018.
Company has introduced its full line-up of ultrasonic cleaners with capacities from 2.6 to 210 gal. in a new, eight-page, full-color catalog.
Xerium Technologies, Inc.

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