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Goldenrod Corp.
Issue Spotlight
New machine will be installed at the company's mill in Calhoun, Tenn., with startup of the tissue production line planned for early 2017. It will be 5.2 meters wide with a design speed of 2,000 m/min. The raw material for the new line will be virgin fiber.
Mill reduces its carbon dioxide emissions 1,275 tons a year by abandoning fossil fuels for all of its heating and hot water production. Thereby, the facility has also decreased the total energy consumption by 2%.
Compelling new research on hand drying in public washrooms will be presented by highly respected microbiologist Keith Redway from the University of Westminster during the Eighth European Public Health Conference EPH) in Milan, Italy, October 14-17.
Toilet paper was first sold on a roll on Aug. 26, 1871, and later that specific day of the year, August 26, was officially dubbed National Toilet Paper Day, according to Georgia-Pacific.
Course offers an introductory-level curriculum designed for anyone who wants to strengthen their knowledge of overall tissue operations.Register by October 27 to benefit from the early discounts.
Archived versions of several educational webinars on tissue topics including softness, metallized yankee coatings, doctor setup, vibration monitoring, and others are free to TAPPI members.
Be part of the only peer-reviewed tissue technical program in North America to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, on May 16-18, 2016.
Heritage Global Partners
Naylor Association Solutions
Kadant Solutions Division
GoIndustry (UK) Limited
Market Roundup
Index moved slightly higher in July, representing the first rise in 10 months, according to figures maintained by U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics.
Tissue paper, an essential hygiene and sanitary product, has gained worldwide acceptance and stands out as an indispensable sanitation enabler today.

Company announced that prices on its paper tube, core, and protective packaging product lines will increase by at least 6%, effective with shipments on or after September 21.
Tissue/Toweling Industry News
With more than 25 years of experience in the world of tissue converting and packaging, Fazzi has great familiarity with international markets, in particular Asian markets, and his areas of competence span from the financial to the administrative to the commercial fields.
Company's global headquarters in Memphis is situated on the same spot as the original building, which opened in 1945, on the corner of North McLean Blvd. and Chelsea.
Project includes construction of a tissue paper converting line, with second stage involving the installation of a 54,000 metric tpy tissue machine.
Company recently received what may be its largest shipment yet of new equipment as it prepares to re-start paper production at the former Mississippi River Pulp site.
During the maintenance downtime, more than 2,400 scheduled tasks were executed, involving a number of trades such as millwrights, welders, pipefitters, electricians, instrumentation specialists, boilermakers, and bricklayers.
One of three tissue machines are to shut down and 20 to 25 workers laid off indefinitely at Lincoln Paper and Tissue in Lincoln, Me.
A.Celli machine will have a production capacity of 34,000 metric tpy (110 metric tpd). Startup of the expansion project at Dej, as well as another tissue expansion project in Petresti, is scheduled for the end of this year and will lead to a total production capacity increment of almost 100,000 metric tpy of tissue parent reels.
Company has chosen Valmet's Advantage DCT concept, including the Advantage ViscoNip pressing technology, for the upgrade of its tissue machine TM 1 in Raubach, Germany. Startup of the rebuilt machine is scheduled for the first half of 2016.
The nation's largest crop residue supply company expects to harvest more than 40,000 tons of wheat straw this year.
Martin à Porta (M. Sc. Eng.), 44, is the company's new president and CEO, taking the position latest on Feb. 1, 2016. Alexis Fries will continue as president and CEO until Porta takes up his position.
Appointment represents a clear commitment from both SCA and Vinda to strengthen their long-term cooperation. SCA is the majority shareholder in Vinda, one of China’s largest hygiene companies.
Operations of Away from Home (AfH) tissue and incontinence products in Europe and North America will be reorganized into two business units--AfH Professional Care and Incontinence Care. Latin America will become a new business unit--SCA Latin America. Global Hygiene SupplyTissue and Global Hygiene Supply Personal Care are being strengthened through the respective production activities being given direct HR responsibility.
Toscotec purchased Milltech in 2012 and has since operated it as a separate company, but now believes Milltech’s solutions are best offered as a brand within Toscotec’s portfolio.
Formsoft technology has enabled tissue makers to produce their products with higher quality and at increased efficiency, Xerium notes, adding that Formsoft is one of the fastest growing products it has ever launched into the market.
New Technologies
Center will offer shortened lead times on its anilox roll cleaning service. The new location will focus on cleaning rolls from Wisconsin to the East Coast and into the southern U.S.
New system is based on technology that almost completely eliminates the bending effect of rubber rolls due to the ply embossing pressure.
Tool provides unique insight into the tissue sheet structure, with the ability to easily measure crepe bar frequency and count, as well as bar length and height. T
Using advanced optics and algorithms, the OpTiSurf quickly quantifies the optical roughness of an entire sheet.
New Acculog software allows tissue producers to fully automate paper log measurement to 1 mm dia. before arriving in the packaging line.
Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability Committee
During this meeting, the world’s leading yankee dryer owners and service providers will discuss opportunities to improve yankee dryer safety, productivity, and overall business results.
Festo Corp
Xerium Technologies, Inc.

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