Global Market Pulp Prices Slip in October

As expected, market pulp prices fell $20 - $30/metric ton in October, according to Mark Wilde, senior analyst with deutsche Bank. Wilde added that lower prices were driven by the prospect of higher September inventories, mill restarts, and the specter of the normal year-end slowdown. U.S. NBSK fell $20/metric ton to $970/metric ton, with buyers pushing for further declines. U.S. hardwood markets appear far weaker than softwood. Spot hardwood prices continue to decline and there are reports of producers under-cutting quotes, Wilde explains.

European markets, where NBSK prices remained flat in the past two months, are showing signs of weakness with producers cutting prices by $20 - $30/metric ton. In China, where local producers such as APRIL are selling BHK for $150/etric ton lower than the $800/metric ton set by Latin American producers, BEK prices are eroding. "We are hearing reports that BEK prices to China are down as much as $60/metric ton in the last month," Wilde says.