April 2013
Over The Wire Tissue Edition
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TAPPI Tissue Forum at PaperCon Covers Latest Market Trends, Technologies, Yankee Issues

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TAPPI's newest publication, Tissue360° magazine, and TAPPI tissue experts have organized a comprehensive technical forum for PaperCon 2013 in Atlanta, Ga., USA, April 28 – May 1. Covering all aspects of tissue making, the Tissue Forum includes eight information- and data-packed sessions beginning Monday afternoon and continuing through Wednesday morning of PaperCon. The program is open to all full PaperCon registrants.

The Forum’s eight sessions focus on tissue and hygiene product market trends and developments, the latest chemical, fiber, water, energy, control, and converting technologies, and explore new and emerging production technologies, with a special full-session look at yankee dryer issues and concerns. All material presented at Tissue Forum has been carefully selected and reviewed by TAPPI members with extensive tissue expertise, and most of the presentations include a written paper.

In Session T1 beginning after the lunch break on Monday, Esko Uutela (photo right) of RISI presents a data-rich analysis of the global tissue business and trends in North America. Complementing Uutela’s presentation, Lindsay Gervais of Poyry International (phgoto left) examines the fiber side of the tissue industry with a detailed report on developing cost, quality, and sustainability issues in the global tissue arena. Session T2 on Monday afternoon covers "Chemistry Solutions for Tissue Making" with a paper by Yuping Luo of Kemira Chemicals that examines the newest generation of wet strength resins for towel grades, and a close-up look at new approaches to evaluating and enhancing tissue softness by Timothy Patterson of Ashland Water technologies.

Session T3 on Tuesday morning examines "Fiber Usage and Supply for Tissue" from four different fiber type perspectives. Fernando Pescatori Silva of Eldorado Brasil updates attendees on eucalyptus fibers. Xuejun Zou of FPInnovations provides a current overview of softwood kraft pulps for tissue making, and Medwick Byrd of North Carolina State University looks at nonwood raw materials as a possible fiber source for tissue and specialty products. The recycled fiber sourcing side is covered by Dave Anderson of SCA. Leading up to lunch, Session T4 explores "Water and Energy Strategies for Tissue," with presentations by Thomas Jenn of Kimberly-Clark on conducting tissue machine audits to reduce fiber losses and improve pulp yield, maximizing post pressure roll solids with advanced press fabric structures by Roger Banks of AstenJohnson, and engineering effective void volume in tissue production by Glen Harvey of Xerium Technologies.

Session T5 begins Tuesday afternoon with a focus on Premium Tissue Manufacturing Technologies. Dennis Jewitt of Metso Paper (photo right) discusses advanced technologies for structured tissue products, Roberto Zane of Voith Paper (photo left) explores premium tissue technologies that are enhancing the conventional tissue world, and tissue consultant Ed Graf reports on "air dried tissue" (ADT), an alternative to TAD and similar technologies. Session T6, completing Tuesday afternoon, provides a special review and analysis of the latest tissue control techniques. Doeung Choi of Ashland Water Technologies examines the use of process simulation in structured tissue and towel making, John Feola of Cristini North America presents a roundup of the latest process control tools to boost tissue machine performance, and Richard Falcoff of Alicona Corp. looks at 3D optical micro-measurement technology to quantify surface roughness with ISO traceable Sa values.

Wrapping up the Forum on Wednesday morning, Session T7 (CEU’s provided) focuses directly on "Yankee Reliability," beginning with a presentation by Clive Butler of PMT on diagnosing surface chatter. Sam Archer of Nalco (photo right) then looks more closely at the impact of chatter on yankee surface reliability, Jerry Vandoros of Kadant covers yankee doctor considerations for improving safety and reliability, and John Yolton of SKF explores reliability best practices in the global tissue industry. Session T8 on "Converting Efficiencies" features presentations by John Cork of Ibis International on process air filtration for tissue converting and Karl Hilden of Papertech on solving tissue production and converting problems using event capturing camera systems. Completing the Forum’s final session on Wednesday morning, Futura analyzes key factors for enhanced converting performance.

More information about PaperCon 2013 and the Tissue360° Tissue Forum is available online, including online registration and the Tissue Forum program.



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