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Metsä Tissue Drops Peat From Energy Production at its Mänttä Mill in Finland

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In accordance with its sustainability objectives, Metsä Tissue, part of Metsä Group, is carrying out its transition towards fossil free mills and has given up peat in its energy production at the Mänttä mill. Renewable wood fuels, such as bark and other by-products of wood production, have replaced peat.

“The transition away from peat use has been a long-term goal for us. Back in 2017, we invested in converting the main boiler into a bioboiler, which has enabled us to reduce the amount of combusted peat every year. This year, we gave up peat for good,” says Kari Karttunen, vp production, Metsä Tissue Mänttä mill.

The new main boiler and the decision to end the usage of peat have had a considerable positive impact on carbon dioxide emissions from the Mänttä mill. Currently, the fossil-based CO2 emissions of the mill are around 50 percent lower than in 2017, which is equivalent to an estimated overall emissions reduction of 59,000 tCO2.

Metsä Tissue strives to continuously improve the environmental performance of its mills, and this move away from peat to wood-based fuels is an important step towards fossil free production. The wood fuel used at the Mänttä mill for energy production comes from other Metsä Group business operations and from private wood converters.

“Metsä Tissue is committed to making its mills fossil free by 2030. In Mänttä, we have already taken several important steps towards this goal, and we will continue our efforts to achieve fossil free operations by further developing the forms of energy we use, for example,” says Karttunen.

The Mänttä mill has been awarded the Nordic Swan and the EU Flower ecolabels, which ensure that production complies with strict environmental criteria. Metsä Tissue’s Mänttä mill produces tissue paper products sold under the brands Serla, Lambi and Katrin, customers’ private label products, as well as greaseproof and baking papers sold under the SAGA brand.


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