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Toscotec to Supply Complete Tissue Line at GrandBay Papelera Internacional's Facility in Rio Hondo Zacapa, Guatemala

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GrandBay Group placed an order with Toscotec for one AHEAD 2.2L complete tissue line to be installed at its subsidiary Papelera Internacional in Rio Hondo Zacapa, Guatemala. The start-up is scheduled for late 2022.

The AHEAD 2.2L machine (PM7) has a sheet trim width of 5,500 mm, a design speed of 2,200 m/min, and an annual production capacity of over 60,000 tons. It features TT NextPress new generation shoe press, a third-generation design TT SYD with heads insulation patented system, and diesel oil-fired TT Hood-Duo system. The machine is designed to deliver the maximum possible drying efficiency with the lowest energy consumptions.

The supply includes the stock preparation system, fiber recovery system, and Toscotec’s patented TT SAF® (Short Approach Flow) equipped with a double dilution system to ensure low electrical consumptions. The scope also includes Toscotec’s proprietary DCS system, electrification, and controls, and an in-line shaft puller integrated in the pope reel section. Toscotec will provide a complete turnkey service package with detailed mill engineering, erection, commissioning, training, and start-up assistance. 

Alberto Matos, project engineering manager at GrandBay Group, says, “We had a very positive experience with Toscotec’s technology having had a TT SYD running for a few years now. We now have high expectations on the performance of their AHEAD tissue line, first and foremost in terms of energy efficiency. This project represents a milestone of our growth strategy: we trust that Toscotec’s expertise and state-of-the-art technology will enable us to achieve our targets.”

Gabriele Romanini, Toscotec’s Sales Manager, says, “We are pleased to partner with Papelera Internacional on this important project. This new AHEAD 2.2L line features Toscotec’s most advanced technology. In particular, the combination of the shoe press with the steel Yankee guarantees a significant reduction in energy consumption and an improvement in tissue quality.”

About Papelera Internacional S.A.

Papelera Internacional is part of the GrandBay Group, a leading Latin American company established in 1953, dedicated to the manufacturing, conversion and sales of personal care and home products of premium quality with presence in more than 25 countries in the Andean region, Central America and the Caribbean.


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