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Customers Satisfied with Toscotec’s Automatic Shaft Pullers

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Toscotec’s automatic shaft pullers met their goal with great results at Lucart’s mill in Porcari, Italy, and at Marutomi Paper’s mill in Fuji, Japan.

Lucart’s automatic shaft puller is installed on a Toscotec-supplied slitter rewinder, and it has been efficiently operating since start-up of its AHEAD tissue line in late 2018.

Having started up in August 2019, the in-line shaft puller installed on the pope reel of Marutomi’s paper machine has been efficiently running for almost one year. Another in-line shaft puller is expected to come online in 2021 at Ono Paper’s mill on a new tissue line delivered by Toscotec.

The shaft pullers feature a small and compact design for easy transport and installation in limited space, and they are pre-wired and pre-tested at Toscotec’s workshop, thereby significantly reducing commissioning efforts on site.

Composed of two parts, the shaft puller is installed on the drive side of the pope reel with the loading platform installed inside the pope reel. The in-line shaft puller is a flexible, efficient, and reliable machine.

The in-line shaft puller can handle cardboard cores of any size and it automatically inflates and deflates expansion shafts of any configuration. If the width of the parent reel needs to change, the operator can simply adjust the end stop on the platform and enter the actual length on the control panel touchscreen. If parent roll needs to be cut in half, the shaft puller can handle two cores and parent reels on the same platform and automatically control the separation of the two and their separate unloading. The basic shaft puller can store enough cores to fill six shafts, but the number of cores stored can be increased if needed.

The shaft puller at Lucart is an example of a highly automated machine with integrated safety features aimed to reduce manual operation and increase winding safety. Its user-friendly control panel features descriptive images and clear instructions designed for effective cycle control, alarm management, and maintenance. With a single input on the control panel, the operator can set up the extraction of full-width or multiple cores of different sizes. The range between maximum length and minimum length is 500 mm, no mechanical modification is needed. The shaft puller can be equipped with an automatic core loader, in order to execute several cycles without manual operation. The diameter of the finished reel and its center height are communicated by the rewinder directly to the shaft puller. Based on these inputs, the shaft puller is able to automatically find the shaft to be extracted, without operator support.

Toscotec’s fully automated shaft puller is the perfect match for the OPTIMA slitter rewinder line, ensuring optimal alignment between the wound reel and the puller. New orders from tissue manufacturers such as Paloma, C.A.S. Paper Mill, Cartiera Confalone and Essel Kağit attest to its reliability and good performance.


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