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Grigeo to Implement Monitoring Platforms to Track Information

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Grigeo AB, based in Grigiškės, intends to implement public monitoring platforms that will track information on the test results of the taken process water, discharged sewage, and air. In order to meet the highest environmental standards, the company will supplement its existing environmental protection systems with automated processes, which allows not only for the easier tracking of data but also makes them available to the public. Grigeo plans to implement these actions during the first six months of 2020. 

“The maximum attention to the environmental protection is one of our most important tasks. We want to dispel any doubts in the public domain regarding the transparency and environmental impact of the operation of Grigeo AB. The new improvements in the field of ecology will enable residents to keep track of relevant information and to make sure that the company’s operation is sustainable,” said Tomas Jozonis, CEO.

The company plans to automate the water monitoring system that is currently in use. According to Jozonis, this will allow for more efficient systematization of incoming data on the amount of water consumed and discharged by the plant, as well as the demand for process water. This information will be made available on a public monitoring platform. There are also plans to constantly publish the test results of Grigeo process water and sewage. Monitoring platforms will also provide residents with periodic updates of weather data showing the carbon dioxide emissions of boiler rooms. Incident and unconventional situation emergency response action plans will also be made available to public.

A new position of sustainability manager has been created at Grigeo to monitor already implemented environmental solutions and to implement future environmental solutions. Jozonis states that the company is committed to continue its cooperation with environmental authorities, follow their recommendations, and take further actions, which will help to meet even higher environmental standards.


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