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Fabio Perini Presents the Prototype of the 100 Percent Ecologic Kitchen Roll

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Fabio Perini’s latest innovation was introduced at MIAC,  a product the company calls an “absolute world premiere”, the prototype of a totally ecologically sustainable, coreless and glueless kitchen roll. 

Enrico Zino, Fabio Perini head of marketing, declared, “With this prototype, we provide the answer to three market requirements: delivering our clients as much product as possible without increasing bulkiness and without giving up quality; reducing waste consequent to core disposal,  maintaining the product’s structural characteristics across the whole logistic chain; and turning out a 100 percent ecologic product.”

Zino added, “Up to this time, several technologies had made possible an ‘environment friendly focus’ limited to certain production phases: doing without the core for our rolls, eliminating glue or focusing on replacing plastics in packaging. Now, Fabio Perini is the first in the world to present a prototype of kitchen/towel roll combining already existent technologies with an absolute novelty, just patented and which will be moving to the industrial phase shortly after MIAC, that is, water lamination also for kitchen rolls.”

Fabio Perini has always had a green vocation, which in the past prompted the launch on its markets of eco-friendly solutions, even anticipating trends.

In 2010, Fabio Perini proposed gluefree solutions, barring the use of glue both in lamination (Aquabond) and in the initial pickup of tissue around the core, reducing environmental impact and saving the cost of glue and the ensuing maintenance; it launched on the market the patented Solid and Solid+ coreless technology to produce full rolls that can keep the product’s structural characteristics, increasing by 16 percent the amount of tissue per roll with the same diameter, and attaining a 10 percent reduction in packaging required for the same amount of product transported.

In addition, Fabio Perini recently presented a series of packaging solutions based on paper coupled with ecologic bioplastics, derived from vegetable starch and waste, thus creating a product whose characteristics are comparable to those of plastic polymers. This 100 percent compostable packaging can be processed maintaining the machinery speed at almost the same speed as with polyethylene production.

To all this, Fabio Perini is adding several solutions to limit the energy consumption of its machinery thanks to high efficiency engines and inverters, which consume less and have regenerative feedback capabilities, hybrid energy control-panel cooling, led lights drastically reducing the lighting energy absorption, inside the machines and the control-panels.

Zino said, “The definition of sustainable development dates back to 1987, but while at that time companies who embraced a growth compatible with environmental preservation were doing so by choice, today, as we become aware that our planet can no longer compensate the deep impact of our production and lifestyle, it has become a duty and a responsibility for all. For us at Fabio Perini nature and technology represent two sides of the same coin: nature is a perfect technology and our technology must be perfect for nature. We aim at offering, even at industrial level, a more and more sustainable business, by acting as key partners for all the companies that give the utmost priority to environmental compatibility.”


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