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New and Innovative Technology Leads the Way for Voith

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As the global tissue market continues to grow, suppliers to the sector face increasing competition. Unlike graphic papers, there are a number of manufacturers producing paper machines for tissue. Competition is fierce and innovation is critical.

During the recent Tissue World conference in Miami, Marcos Scheil Goncalves, sales and application manager, Voith Paper, Brazil, spoke about the next level of environmentally-friendly tissue production. 

In his talk, Goncalves spoke about the tissue XcelLine that has increased the performance of Voith tissue machines worldwide. He cited a couple of case histories including Little Rapids, Shawano, WI, where the complete rebuild was done in just 30 days and maximum design speed was achieved in the first week. Saleable paper was made on the first day.

At Lee & Man in China, TM 11 and 12 were installed and guaranteed speed was reached in four days. Stock on the wire to paper on the reel took just 18 minutes. 

Goncalves said that XcelLine offers a significant reduction in steam use along with water and energy savings. The lines generally consist of MasterJet T headbox technology where a new design eliminates the need for high consistency recirculation lines. The new crescent design is low mist. It features reduced maintenance and up to 35 percent energy savings at the mist elimination system.

Voith is a pioneer in the use of a shoe press on tissue machines (NipcoFlex T). Mills can achieve up to 20 percent higher production with 4 percent higher dryness after the press. Or, they can opt for same bulk using less fiber.

Other new technologies include the EvoDry Y steel Yankee with insulating heads that provide 15 to 20 percent better heat transfer and a 3 to 5 percent increase in production. There is also the EcoHood T that is compact and robust.

ChengLong TM 16 in Taiwan has all of this new technology from Voith. At 2,001 m/min, Goncalves said it is the fastest tissue machine with a steam hood.     

TissueLev technology creates a long nip on the suction turning roll resulting in a 7 percent increase in dryness after the press. Duni-Rexcell in Sweden rebuilt two machines, TM 1 and TM 2, using TissueLev. It achieved a 20 percent capacity increase at the same specific energy levels.

Voith also offers integrated solutions using its component parts such as felts. Its tissue process line package has been installed in 14 mills since 2010 with the latest starting up in Spain in late March. Now, 20 machines feature XcelLine technology with six more due for startup in 2018.

In other regions, Voith was one of the first suppliers in the door of the South American market, whether tissue or other paper. It still has a large R&D presence in Brazil where it has a Center of Competency that includes a pilot tissue machine. Development work is also ongoing at the company’s other locations including its headquarters in Heidenheim, Germany. 

Later, Voith’s Richard Berry, senior vice president of sales, FRS, North America, and Greg Elliott, regional sales manager, tissue, North America, spoke with Tissue 360° about the North American tissue market and new developments the company is pursuing.

According to Berry, the business is growing. "Tissue is an important segment of our business. It is attractive to the market because we are very technology-driven. We invest a lot in R&D, innovations and new technology."

Elliott adds that Voith has a good reputation because of its industry-leading products and people. "Bring these to the customers and they will treat you well. We’re well respected and one of the reasons why is because we are the only fabric maker with a dedicated tissue team. In turn, this allows us to be even more responsive to our customers’ needs."

When asked about the tissue market overall, "What‘s growing in North America is premium quality, so this deserves some focus. We are staying abreast of where the market is growing and how it’s growing," says Elliott.

One of the keys to its technology, is the company’s aim to simplify. Voith follows a more modular approach – the ‘plug ‘n play’ concept – ensuring a smooth and secure transition to digitalization. This is across four phases– visualization, stabilization, optimization and maintenance. They are improving machine availability and flexibility with solutions such as OnCare and OnEfficiency.  

Elliott adds that Voith can provide high value and service to mills. "Because even in tissue, cutbacks in manpower are fact. Customers need to look at the total value-add in a purchase. We’re a trusted partner in providing resilient products and services. We bring a greater level of efficiency and quality to our customers through our global testing facilities, state-of-the-art digital solutions and tailored services." 

In concluding, he says that the market in North America will be interesting in the near future with the new wave of capacity coming on. "We’re set up well. We can meet consumers’ increasing demands for higher quality."

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