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Voith’s TheWall Disperser Filling Provides Efficient Fiber Treatment, Long Service Life

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TheWall is a new disperser filling from Voith, Germany, developed to improve fiber treatment and provide a long service life. TheWall has an innovative and unique design. It is made of an especially strong material and is used by tissue, newsprint, and magazine paper manufacturers as well as board and packaging paper producers. It can be integrated into all current Voith dispersers and in selected dispersers of other manufacturers.

TheWall features three innovations. First, on the inner circle, the rotor vanes of TheWall ensure that the stock can be fed uniformly to the distributing teeth. The new design also has a continuous functional barrier between the individual working edges of the filling. This prevents stock from passing by untreated (short circuit flow) and gives the fine rows of teeth more stability. 

Another new feature, the operating gap is adjustable in a wide range without impairing the efficiency of the disperser. Thus the energy input can be kept constant over the entire service life of the filling. At the same time, TheWall uses less energy than conventional disperser fillings while offering the same technological results.
Around 25 test installations are now successfully operating in various paper mills, Voith reports.

More information is available online.


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