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“As much as I appreciate the technical knowledge and professional development that I’ve experienced from TAPPI over the years, it’s the connection with people that really made it worthwhile and I always carry it with me.” – Chris Czyryca

Chris is the President of Collaborative Testing Services (CTS), Inc., a position that he has held for 10 years. CTS is a private company that provides interlaboratory testing programs to a wide variety of laboratory communities, including: forensics, metals, plastics, wine, agriculture, and especially paper, paperboard and containerboard. During his 26 years at CTS, he has held overall responsibility for operations in seven of CTS’ 11 programs during his tenure. Standards and test methods play a key role in evaluating laboratory performance in each program.
Is there any particular review that has impacted you? Please tell us about your experience.

I’ll share one that shows the folly of youth and why we need new ideas. Sometimes you must accept the fact that your ideas won’t be accepted by the rest of the group. It involves the MIT Folding Endurance Test; I was involved with that very early on. The result of the testing in laboratories can be very erratic, because of the nature of the test. It lacks consistency both in the laboratory or in between laboratories. Being a young person with bright ideas and full of new ways of looking at things, I looked at the variation there and decided it would be much better if we reported the results as the law of arrhythmic value of the folding endurance; especially for samples that were above a certain value. However, when you do that it becomes a very nice linear test where you’re able to make the results that come from that testing process look a whole lot more conventional to those technicians. It turns out that no one shared the view that it would be a good idea to move that test for the sole reason of making the statistics. There were certainly things like existing SOPs, existing methods, existing specifications, and government requirements that did not enter my young brain at that point.

This is a situation where I brought a new idea to the table and I was told that it’s probably not the right direction for the industry to proceed. It was a learning experience, because it showed the value of looking at things from many different viewpoints and not strictly a technical viewpoint (If you must make the method comprehensible to the actual users). It’s a lesson I carried with me.

TAPPI Methods are wonderful. They are very specific; and they give you a single answer, but we don’t want to overwhelm the audience with technical jargons and requirements that aren’t essential to the method.

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