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Technical Manager, Paper and Board
U.S. Gypsum, Inc., in Chicago, IL.

“TIPs are a great way to participate on a small team. They provide a defined period of time to accomplish a shared goal, and you get an opportunity to hear other’s opinions and contribute your own.” - Paula Hajakian

1. What sparked your interest in Technical Information Papers (TIPs)?  

Early in my career as an engineer, long before I ever participated in TIPs reviews, I referred to TIPs when in-depth knowledge was required to trouble-shoot papermaking processes or install new equipment. The role I initially took in the Water Removal Committee tracking Forming and Pressing TIPs was daunting based on the number of TIPs and technical content supported by that subcommittee.  It is a significant and important role to participate in the review of TIPs and the creation of new ones to support and sustain our industry.

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