New or Revised Standards, TIPs, and Useful Methods

T 218 sp-11 "Forming handsheets for reflectance testing of pulp (Buchner funnel procedure)" (Revisions)
T 263 sp-11 "Identification of wood and fibers from conifers" (Revision)
T 258 om-11 "Basic density and moisture content of pulpwood" (Revision)
T 830 om-11 "Ink rub test of containerboard and corrugated board" (Revision and title change)
T 809 om-11 "Flat crush of corrugating medium (CMT test)" (revision)
T 807 om-11 "Bursting strength of linerboard" (Revision)
T 810 om-11 "Bursting strength of corrugated board" (Revision and title change)
T 827 om-11 "Box blank dimensioning" (Reinstatement of withdrawn standard)
T 419 om-11 "Starch in paper" (Revision)
T 226 om-11 "Specific external surface of pulp" (Revision)
T 545 om-11 "Cross-machine grammage profile measurement (gravimetric method)"
T 400 sp-11 "Sampling and accepting a single lot of paper, paperboard, containerboard, or related product" (Revision)
T 413 om-11 "Ash in wood, pulp, paper and paperboard: combustion at 900 degrees C" (Revision)
T 266 om-11 "Determination of sodium, calcium, copper, iron and manganese in pulp and paper by atomic absorption spectroscopy" (Revision)
T 516 cm-11 "Envelope seal, seam, and window patch testing" (Revision)
T 632 cm-11 "Analysis of sodium silicate" (Revision)
T 600 om-11 "Analysis of formaldehyde in aqueous solutions and of free formaldehyde in resins" (Revision and reclassification from Classical to Official Method)
T 564 sp-11 "Transparent chart for the estimation of defect size" (Revision)
T 1211 sp-11 "Acceptance procedures for laboratories providing reference materials for TAPPI Standards" (Revision and title change)
T 460 om-11 "Air resistance of paper (Gurley method)" (Revision)
T 1011 om-11 "Basis weight of fiber glass mats" (Revision)
T 509 om-11 "Hydrogen ion concentration (pH) of paper extracts (cold extraction method)" (Reaffirmation)
T 684 om-11 "Gross heating value of black liquor" (Reaffirmation)
T 610 sp-11 "Preparation of indicators and standard solutions" (Reaffirmation)
T 435 om-11 "Hydrogen ion concentration (pH) of paper extracts (hot extraction method)" (Reaffirmation)
T 222 om-11 "Acid insoluble lignin in wood and pulp" (Reaffirmation)
T 646 om-11 "Brightness of clay and other mineral pigments (45/0)" (Reaffirmation)
T 537 om-11 "Dirt count in paper and paperboard (optical character recognition - OCR)" (Reaffirmation)

Special note: Documents appearing in the TAPPI online version of the Standards and TIPs are updated once a month (usually around the 15th). So it is possible that there is a delay between the publication announcement and the posting online. If you are a subscriber to the online access to Standards and TIPs and you are in a hurry for new documents that have not yet been posted, you can send a request to

TAPPI Standards in Ballot

The TAPPI Standards regulations require public review of standards that are up for ballot. TAPPI members can view any drafts that are in ballot by logging in to the TAPPI web site (, clicking on "My TAPPI," and then clicking on the "Standards Public Draft Review" link on the left side of the page. If you would like to review and comment on any draft and are not a member of the corresponding Standard-Specific Interest Group (SSIG), you may view the draft on line or you may request a copy of the draft being balloted by writing to TAPPI members may join SSIGs as permanent members; go to the Subject Category page to download forms for this purpose. Nonmembers of TAPPI may join any SSIG as a voting member; to do so, send a message to to receive a copy of the draft and a ballot.

Listed below are TAPPI Standards that have recently gone out for ballot to the corresponding Standard-Specific Interest Group (SSIG). The date in parentheses is the closing date for voting.

T 412 "Moisture in pulp, paper, and paperboard" (Revision and vote to override negatives; June 3, 2011)
T 476 "Abrasion loss of paper and paperboard (Taber-type method)" (Revision; June 13, 2011)
T 525 "Diffuse brightness of paper, paperboard and pulp (d/0) -- ultraviolet level C" (Revision and title change; June 23, 2011)
T 808 "Flat crush test of corrugated board (flexible beam method)" (June 24, 2011)

General Announcements

A new TIP has been proposed: "Guidelines for web conveyance and winding tension levels." The scope is as follows: Web conveyance is a requirement that transcends across many industries. The requirement is to convey a web flat and straight through the process without generating defects such as wrinkles. To accomplish this, the web needs to be stressed under a certain amount of force commonly referred to as Web tension. The scope of this TIP is to provide guidelines for suggested amount of Web Tension that should be used to convey certain types of web materials that are common to the paper, paperboard, polymer film, extrusion coating and flexible packaging industries.

If you have any interest in reviewing the content of this TIP as it is under development, please send a message to by June 3, 2011.


A new TIP has been proposed, "Stickies Definition and Classification." The scope is to explain and standardize some of the terms used in reference to stickies.

If you have any interest in reviewing the content of this TIP as it is under development, please send a message to by June 3, 2011.


T 801 "Impact resistance of fiberboard shipping containers" has been withdrawn. The working group chairman who reviewed the initial review vote on this standard recommended withdrawal due to the fact that the protocols outlined in this method are better presented in the NIST standards.


Suppliers of reference materials for TAPPI Test Methods are requested to certify their compliance with TAPPI Standard Practice T 1211 "Acceptance Procedures for Calibration Laboratories." This practice, current edition T 1211 sp-11, establishes guidelines for the listing of organizations as calibration laboratories or providers of standardized materials for TAPPI Standard Test Methods. Such organizations are involved with the maintenance of master instruments, calibration of test instruments, and the issuance of calibration materials or transfer standards.

The list of reference material suppliers appears in the full set of TAPPI Standards, on the TAPPI website, or is available upon request from the TAPPI Standards Department ( Organizations currently on the list will be notified that it is required that they recertify on a yearly basis in order to remain on the list. Organizations that file the recertification form with TAPPI by September 1, 2011, are assured of being listed in the next edition of the full set of methods on CD that will be released in March 2012. The filing date of September 1, 2011, has been established so that there will be time to review the responses prior to the publication deadline.

Organizations that provide reference materials for TAPPI Standard Test Methods but which are not currently on the Reference Materials list should also submit self-certification forms by September 1, 2011, in order to be included in the next full set listing. Such organizations should contact the TAPPI Standards Department ( to obtain the certification form.


A proposal has been made for a new standard: "Diffuse brightness of paper, paperboard and pulp (d/0) (ultraviolet level D65)."

The scope of the standard is: This method is for the determination of the brightness of white, near-white, and naturally colored pulp, paper, and paperboard. Brightness is a commonly used industry term for the numerical value of the reflectance factor of a sample with respect to blue light of specific spectral and geometric characteristics. This method requires an instrument employing diffuse illumination and 0 degree viewing geometry This method is applicable to all naturally-colored pulps, and papers and board made therefrom. The measurement is not suitable for paper or paperboard containing added coloring matter (such as yellow or green dyestuff) which appreciably absorbs light in that part of the spectrum extending from about 400 to 500 nm. This brightness method is not applicable to colored papers.

A Standard-Specific Interest Group (SSIG) must be formed for this proposal. Any individuals who are interested in this Standard may join the SSIG to receive ballots when this method is ready for vote. If you would like to join the SSIG for this project, please notify the Standards Department at or by fax at +1-770-446-6947 no later than June 27, 2011.

Standards Coming Up For Review

T 576 pm-07 "Tensile properties of towel and tissue products (using constant rate of elongation apparatus)" had not originally been included on the list of Standards up for review in 2011 because a Work Item had already been opened for an early review of this Standards. This work item has now been cancelled by the Working Group Chairman.

Since T 576 pm-07 is four years old and is no longer under early review, it will be added to the Standards up for automatic review in 2011. The ballot will be scheduled for December 13, 2011.

This Standard has been added to the Review Schedule page on the TAPPI website.

Acronyms You May Need to Know

For details on these commonly-used acronyms in the development of TAPPI Standards and TIPs, please see the Standards Guidelines and the TIP Guidelines, or send your questions to

TIP = Technical Information Paper
Q&SMC = Quality and Standards Management Committee
SSIG = Standard-Specific Interest Group
SARG = Standards Advisory Review Group
WI = Work Item
WG = Working Group
WGC = Working Group Chairman
om = Official Method
pm = Provisional Method
sp = Standard Practice
cm = Classical Method
ss = Standard Specification
sg = Standard Guideline
gl = Standard Glossary
wd = Withdrawn Standard
UM = Useful Method

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