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27 Standards Submitted for

Final Approval at 

Standards Advisory Review Group (SARG)

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TIPs under review

Listed below are TAPPI TIPs that were recently submitted to the Working Group for review. The date when the Work Item was opened is shown for each TIP, as well as the Subject Category under which the TIP is assigned and the Working Group Chair's (WGC) name. The target completion date for the review of each TIP is one year after the opening of the Work Item. 

0404 - Water Removal
04/12/2021 TIP 0404-61 Paper machine shower. WGC: John Neun

0425 - Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability
03/29/2021 TIP 0425-03 Design, monitoring and maintenance guidelines for Yankee dryer bearings. WGC: Matt Paine

If you would like to participate in the Working Group to review any of these TIPs, please write to

General Announcements

Propose a New Standard or Technical Information Paper (TIP)

Getting started is easy! Do you have just a general idea for a Standard, or are you farther along and have a substantial draft? If you just have a general idea for a Standard or TIP, complete the New Idea Submission form. TAPPI will review your idea and identify an appropriate committee or group to work on your suggestion. If you are further along, send an initial draft to From there, the TAPPI Standards Manager will guide you through the appropriate process to finalize and approve the new document.

STAR of the Month
An Undeniable Work Ethic Made Room for the American Dream

“I would tell people that have never participated in TAPPI Standard activities that there’s no need to be intimidated. Knowledgeable people involved with TAPPI Standards welcome new faces and new input.” –  Glenn Rogers

I started my packaging career 41 years ago by sweeping the parking lot at Lin Pac in Atlanta, GA. I worked my way up to Corrugator Supervisor at Lin Pac in Greensboro, NC. Then, I returned to Lin Pac in Atlanta as Corrugator Supervisor. I was Corrugator Supervisor at Weyerhaeuser in Charlotte, NC, and Corrugator and Converting Supervisor at Inland Container, Rock Hill, SC. I recently celebrated my 27th anniversary with Pratt Industries. Some of my assignments over the years at Pratt include: Corrugator Supervisor in Conyers, GA; Assistant Plant Manager in Statesville, NC; Plant Superintendent in Conyers; Operations Manager for PrattPak; Quality Manager for Pratt Conyers mill; Customer Technical Services Manager for Pratt Mill Division and co-authored the original ISO system used by our corrugated plants. I designed, managed construction, and operated Pratt Industries’ Technical Center for six years. I am currently the Technical Manager for Pratt Industries Mill Division.

Tell us about your volunteer experience at TAPPI.
During my time working in corrugated, I built the Customer Technical in 2004 and managed it until 2010. So, it was critical to understand Standards, which is why I joined the Fiberboard Shipping Container Testing Committee (FISCOTEC). When reviewing TIPs and Standards it was only right that I do my part. I had no desire to be the head of a committee; but it happened organically, and I have grown to really enjoy the involvement.

Why do you think Standards are important? How have you used them in your field?
Consistency! I’m the keeper of the specs at Pratt Industries. The consistency across the mills is important. I have used Standards to set production specifications. In fact, those specifications are based on Standard Test Methods. Without them we can’t condition or re-condition certain properties. We have also used Standards to deal with complaints in terms of measurements. Often, a customer will run a test under an air conditioner, which is not a lab environment. So, you can’t really consider those types of results relevant to the test.

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Proposed New TIPs

The scope of the proposal for a new Technical Information Paper (TIP) is shown below, as well as the assigned Subject Category, the date when the Work Item was opened, the title of the new proposal and the name of the Working Group Chair (WGC).

0425 - Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability
04/02/2021 TIP NEW - Safe and Reliable Start-Up of Yankee Hood Air Systems. WGC: Lawrence Yane

Scope: This Technical Information Paper provides general procedures for start-up and shut-down of Yankee hood air systems.

If you would like to join the Working Group or review the final draft for this new proposal, please write to Any interested parties, please respond by May 14, 2021 if you would like to be part of the review of this new TIP.

SSIG Members Needed

The Standard-Specific Interest Groups (SSIGs) for the following Standards are in need of additional members. These groups may or may not have ballots currently open.

All Standard-Specific Interest Groups (SSIG) require a minimum of 10 members in order to ballot and vote on a draft of a method. The following test methods do not have the required minimum number of members to initiate a ballot:


Alkaline Pulping

T 692 om-13      Determination of suspended solids in kraft green and white liquors

                            Draft 2                                Current SSIG Count = 8 

T 684 om-15      Gross heating value of black liquor

                            Draft 2                                Current SSIG Count = Need 2+

 Chemical Properties

T 223 cm-10       Pentosans in wood and pulp                                   

                            Automatic review - 10/2019           Current SSIG Count = 5

T 244 cm-11       Acid-insoluble ash in wood, pulp, paper, and paperboard             

                            Automatic review - 9/2020             Current SSIG Count = 5

T 252 om-16      pH and electrical conductivity of hot water extracts of pulp, paper, and paperboard

                            Automatic review - 10/2020           Current SSIG Count = 8

T408 cm-07        Rosin in paper and paperboard

                            Draft 4                                            Current SSIG Count = Need 3 more

T 413 om-17      Ash in wood, pulp, paper and paperboard:  combustion at 900 degrees C

                            Automatic review - 4/2021             Current SSIG Count = 9

T 429 cm-10       Alpha-cellulose in paper                            

                            Automatic review - 10/2019           Current SSIG Count = 4

T 434 cm-10       Acid-soluble iron in paper                                       

                            Automatic review - 10/2019           Current SSIG Count = 3

T 435 om-16      Hydrogen ion concentration (pH) of paper extracts (hot extraction method)       

                            Automatic review - 5/2020             Current SSIG Count = 5

T 449 om-14      Bacteriological examination of paper and paperboard

                           Draft 2                                           Current SSIG Count = Need 2+

T 493 cm-10       Identification and determination of melamine resin in paper   

                            Automatic review - 10/2019         Current SSIG Count = 3

T 509 om-15      Hydrogen ion concentration (pH) of paper extracts (cold extraction method)       

                            Automatic review - 10/2019         Current SSIG Count = 7

T 600 om-15       Analysis of formaldehyde in aqueous solutions and of free formaldehyde in resins 

                            Automatic review - 10/2019         Current SSIG Count = 6

T 610 sp-15        Preparation of indicators and standard solutions             

                            Automatic review - 10/2019         Current SSIG Count = 6

T 613 cm-10       Analysis of caustic soda                             

                            Automatic review - 10/2019         Current SSIG Count = 4

T 617 cm-10       Analysis of lime                                           

                            Automatic review - 5/2019           Current SSIG Count = 8

T 618 cm-10       Analysis of limestone                                 

                            Automatic review - 10/2019         Current SSIG Count = 4

T 619 cm-10       Analysis of salt cake                                                  

                            Automatic review - 5/2019           Current SSIG Count = 7

T 621 cm-10       Analysis of rosin                                                        

                            Automatic review - 10/2019         Current SSIG Count = 4

T 622 cm-10       Analysis of sodium hydrosulfite               

                            Automatic review - 10/2019         Current SSIG Count = 6

T 624 cm-11       Analysis of soda and sulfate white and green liquors                    

                            Automatic review - 9/2020          Current SSIG Count = 6

T 628 cm-10       Analysis of rosin size                                                 

                            Automatic review - 10/2019        Current SSIG Count = 4

T 632 cm-11       Analysis of sodium silicate                                       

                            Automatic review - 5/2020          Current SSIG Count = 4


Fiberboard Shipping Container Testing

T 827 om-17      Box blank dimensioning

                           Automatic review - 4/2021           Current SSIG Count = 9

T 829 om-15      Score Quality Test

                           Draft 2                                          Current SSIG Count = 9


Fillers and Pigments
T438 cm-06  Zinc and Cadmium in Paper
                      Draft 2                                              Current SSIG Count = 9


Optical Properties
T 519 om-17  Diffuse opacity of paper (d/0 paper backing)
                       Automatic review - 4/2021              Current SSIG Count = 9

T 1214 sp-17  Interrelation of reflectance, R0; reflectivity, R ; TAPPI opacity, C0.89; scattering, s; and absorption, k
                        Automatic review - 10/2021           Current SSIG Count = 8

T 1219 sp-17  Storage of paper samples for optical measurements and color matching
                        Automatic review - 10/2021           Current SSIG Count = 9


Physical Properties
T 516 cm-11  Envelope seal, seam, and window patch testing
                       Automatic review - 5/2020              Current SSIG Count = 8

T 550 om-13  Determination of equilibrium moisture in pulp, paper and paperboard for chemical analysis

                       Ballot 2 needed                              Current SSIG Count = Need 2 more

T 578 sp-16  Accelerated light aging of printing and writing paper by xenon-arc exposure apparatus
                      Automatic review - 10/2020             Current SSIG Count = 9


Pulp Properties
T 226 cm-11  Specific external surface of pulp
                       Automatic review -  5/2020             Current SSIG Count = 6

T 263 sp-16  Identification of wood and fibers from conifers
                      Automatic review - 5/2020               Current SSIG Count = 7

T 264 cm-07  Preparation of wood for chemical analysis

                       Draft 2                                            Current SSIG Count = 8


Sulfite and Semichemical Pulping
 T 604 cm-09  Sulfur dioxide in sulfite cooking liquor
                        Draft 2                                            Current SSIG Count = 6


Building and Industrial Material
The below Standards are also in need of additional participants prior to opening up Ballot 2 this year.      
T 1006 sp-15   Testing of fiber glass mats: use of modified TAPPI procedures for sampling and lot acceptance, stiffness, tear resistance, and thickness
T 1007 sp-15   Sample location for fiber glass mat sheets
T 1008 sp-15   Test conditions for fiberglass mat test methods
T 1009 om-16  Tensile strength and elongation at break for fiber glass mats
T 1011 om-15  Basis weight of fiber glass mats
T 1012 om-15  Moisture content of fiber glass mats
T 1013 om-15  Loss on ignition of fiber glass mats
T 1014 om-15  Moisture sensitivity of fiber glass mats
T 1015 sp-15   Fiber glass mat uniformity (visual defects)
T 1016 om-15  Average fiber diameter of fiber glass mats

Participating in a SSIG is free and open to anyone interested. Join now!

If no progress is made on balancing these SSIGs, then the respective methods may be considered for withdrawal at the next Q&SMC meeting. If you have an interest in becoming a member of either of these SSIGs please contact or visit

Standards Coming Up For Review

The system for review and development of TAPPI Standards requires an announcement of review dates so that any interested TAPPI parties may access the drafts, submit comments, and/or join the Standard-Specific Interest Group (SSIG) to cast an official vote. Listed below are the new Standards opening up for review within the next month. Please contact by April 22, 2021 if you wish to participate in any of the below reviews

Any interested individuals who wish to be part of the voting for any Standard should send a message to and request voting membership on the corresponding SSIG, prior to the target ballot date, if possible. Anyone who joins the SSIG before the target balloting date will receive a notice of the ballot.

If you have joined the Standard Specific Interest Group for any Standard, you will receive a notice for ballot at the proper time with instructions for casting your vote and making your comments. If you wish to join the Standard Specific Interest Group for a particular Standard, please go to the Subject Categories for Standards page or contact the Standards Department at TAPPI (, or phone +1-770-209-7249 or fax +1-770-446-6947).

Pulp Properties

T 227 om-17 Freeness of pulp (Canadian standard method)

T 278 sp-17 Pulp screening (Valley-type screening device)

Physical Properties

T 433 cm-12 Water resistance of sized paper and paperboard (dry indicator method)

T 448 om-17 Water vapor transmission rate of paper and paperboard at 23 degrees C and 50% RH

T 559 cm-12 Grease resistance test for paper and paperboard

T 581 om-17 Dry tensile properties of paper towel and tissue products (using constant rate of elongation apparatus)

Fiberboard Shipping Container Testing

T 838 cm-12 Edge crush test using neckdown

Standards Ready for Final Approval at SARG

The list below shows the 28 Standards that are ready to be submitted to Standards Advisory Review Group (SARG) at its Spring 2021 meeting:
(* = indicates Standards eligible for submission as American National Standards)

T 245 Silicates and silica in pulp (wet ash method) (Reaffirmed)

T 255 Water-soluble sulfates in pulp and paper (Reaffirmed)

T 256 Water-soluble chlorides in pulp and paper (Reaffirmed)

*T 257 Sampling and preparing wood for analysis (Reaffirmed)

*T 258 Basic density and moisture content of pulpwood (Reaffirmed)

*T 272 Forming handsheets for reflectance testing of pulp (sheet machine procedure) (Revision)

*T 402 Standard conditioning and testing atmospheres for paper, board, pulp handsheets, and related products (Revision)

*T 414 Internal tearing resistance of paper (Elmendorf-type method) (Revision)

T 432 Water absorbency of bibulous papers (Reaffirmed)

*T 437 Dirt in paper and paperboard (Reaffirmed)

*T 454 Turpentine test for voids in glassine and greaseproof papers (Reaffirmed)

T 479 Smoothness of paper (Bekk method) (Reaffirmed)

T 502 Equilibrium relative humidity of paper and paperboard (Reaffirmed)

*T 512 Creasing of flexible packaging material paper specimens for testing (Reaffirmed)

*T 529 Surface pH measurement of paper (Reaffirmed)

*T 537 Dirt count in paper and paperboard (optical character recognition - OCR) (Reaffirmed)

*T 556 Bending resistance of paper and paperboard by single-point bending methods (Reaffirmed)

*T 560 CIE whiteness and tint of paper and paperboard (d/0 geometry, C/2 illuminant/observer) (Revision)

*T 562 CIE whiteness and tint of paper and paperboard (45/0 geometry, C/2 illuminant/observer) (Revision)

*T 563 Equivalent black area (EBA) and count of visible dirt in pulp, paper and paperboard by image analysis (Reaffirmed)

T 602 Analysis of sulfuric acid (Reaffirmed)

T 611 Analysis of bleaching powder, calcium hypochlorite bleach liquor and bleach sludge (Reaffirmed)

*T 657 Sampling of fillers and pigments (Revision)

T 699 Analysis of pulping liquors by suppressed ion chromatography (Withdrawn)

*T 826 Short span compressive strength of containerboard (Revision)

*T 829 Score quality test (Revision)

*T 831 Water absorption of corrugating medium: water drop penetration test (Revision)

*T 1215 The determination of instrumental color differences (Revision)

A copy of the final draft for all these Standards can be found on the SARG page

Announcement of SARG Meeting


The next meeting of the Standards Advisory Review Group (SARG) is scheduled for Tuesday, May 18, 2021, 1:00 – 2:00 pm (Eastern time). This meeting will be virtual only through Zoom. SARG approval is the last step prior to publication for any new, reaffirmed or revised standard.

In order to act on any appeals from TAPPI members relevant to the standards up for approval, the SARG meeting is open to anyone for participation. The agenda has been posted on the SARG page. There are links from the agenda items to the final drafts that are up for approval.

If you would like to participate via Zoom or conference call, please send a message before May 11, 2021 to


Overdue Reports Distributed

Reports outlining the overdue reviews for Standards were sent to the Quality and Standards Management Committee (Q&SMC) on March 19, 2021 for TIPs and March 27, 2021 for Standards. Copies of these reports were also sent to the assigned Working Group Chairs for these overdue reviews as well as to Chairs of the appropriate technical groups in TAPPI.

Anyone who did not receive the overdue reports but who has an interest may obtain a copy by requesting it from

Working Group Chairs: This report was sent to you for your information and action, if required. Q&SMC may, according to the Standards Guidelines, withdraw any Standards or TIPs whose reviews are overdue, especially if it appears that little progress is being made on the Work Item. If more information or indications of progress on these Work Items are received prior to the next meeting May 18, 2021, Q&SMC will take these reports of progress under consideration.

To provide updates regarding these reports, send a message to no later than Friday, May 7, 2021, in order to be able to provide this information to Q&SMC at their Tuesday, May 18th, 2021 meeting.

U.S. TAG to ISO TC 6

US TAG to ISO TC 6 Spring Meeting will be held on Tuesday May 11, 2021 from 10:00am - 12:00pm (EST). Meeting Agenda and Documents coming soon. If you have any questions. If you would like to know more or join the U.S. TAG to ISO TC 6, please write to

Did You Know

... that to participate in the balloting process for TAPPI Standards you must sign up for the Standard-Specific Interest Groups (SSIGs)? Drafts are available for anyone... that to participate in the balloting process for TAPPI Standards you must sign up for the Standard-Specific Interest Groups (SSIGs)? Drafts are available for anyone to review, but to vote and comment you must be a member of the SSIG.

Each Standard has its own SSIG – so you have to sign up for each Standard that you have an interest in. Links to all of the SSIGs (by subject category) can be found on the Subject Category for Standards web page. Visit to join now.  

Acronyms You May Need to Know For details on these commonly used acronyms in the development of TAPPI Standards and TIPs, please see the Standards Guidelines and the TIP Guidelines, or send your questions to

Acronyms You May Need to Know

TIP = Technical Information Paper

Q&SMC = Quality and Standards Management Committee

SSIG = Standard-Specific Interest Group

SARG = Standards Advisory Review Group

WI = Work Item

WG = Working Group

WGC = Working Group Chair

om = Official Method

pm = Provisional Method

sp = Standard Practice

cm = Classical Method

ss = Standard Specification

sg  = Standard Guideline

gl = Standard Glossary

wd = Withdrawn Standard

UM = Useful Method

Searching and Ordering TAPPI Standards, TIPs, and Useful Methods

Details on how to search and order TAPPI StandardsTIPs, and Useful Methods can be found on the TAPPI website’s Search and Order page.

All individual TIPs or Standards are available for electronic or paper delivery. For electronic delivery, the documents are e-mailed in PDF format.  Hard copy documents can be mailed or faxed, but shipping and handling costs will apply.

For Individual TIPs, order Item Number: 0108____ (Insert TIP number)

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