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New or Revised Standards, TIPs, and Useful Methods

Here is the list of TAPPI TIPs recently reviewed and published. The information in parentheses indicates if the TIP was reaffirmed or revised. 

TIP 0404-05 Methods for evaluating high velocity dryers - WGC: Gregory L. Wedel (Revised)
TIP 0404-19 Press section monitoring - WGC: Philip Wells (Revised)
TIP 0404-54 Headbox approach piping guidelines - WGC: Paul Krochak (Revised)
TIP 0408-01 Checklist for a properly planned project - WGC: Don Sorenson (Revised)
TIP 0416-06 Keys to successful chemical cleaning of boilers - WGC: James N. Graham (Revised)
Special note:  Documents appearing in the TAPPI online version of the Standards and TIPs are updated once a month (usually around the 15th). So it is possible that there is a delay between the publication announcement and the posting online. If you are a subscriber to the online access to Standards and TIPs and you are in a hurry for new documents that have not yet been posted, you can send a request to

TAPPI Standards in Ballot

Listed below are TAPPI Standards that have recently gone out for ballot to the corresponding Standard-Specific Interest Group (SSIG). The date in parentheses is the closing date for voting. 

T 1211 sp-11 Acceptance procedures for laboratories providing reference materials for TAPPI Standards (October 8, 2018)
T 820 cm-09 Flexural stiffness of corrugated board (October 27, 2018)

The TAPPI Standards regulations require public review of standards that are up for ballot. Send a message to if you want to request a copy of draft in ballot.
TIPs under review

Listed below are TAPPI TIPs that were recently sent out to the Working Group for reviewing them. The date when the Work Item was opened is shown for each TIP, as well as the Working Group Chair's (WGC) name. The target completion date for the review of each TIP is one year after the opening of the Work Item. 

0301 - Safety
- 9/7/18 TIP 0301-01 Corrugated boxplant - list of potential hazards. WGC: Elaine Rooker

0304 - Process Control & Quality Assurance
- 7/6/18 TIP 0304-01 Procedure for setting up a raw material trial on the corrugator. WGC: Ted Altman
- 7/5/18 TIP 0304-02 Box plant quality measurement: why test? WGC: Dick Target
- 9/13/18 TIP 0304-09 The edge crush test (ECT): its relationship to box compression and its derivation from containerboard edge stiffness. WGC: David Carlson
- 7/5/18 TIP 0304-19 Curtain coating weight test. WGC: Mike Jackson
- 7/5/18 TIP 0304-30 Calibration and maintenance of the manually operated micrometer. WGC: Steve Schmidt
- 7/5/18 TIP 0304-39 In-line coating at the corrugator. WGC: Mike Jackson
- 7/5/18 TIP 0304-40 Techniques for bonding of densified liners. WGC: Jeff Gebauer
- 7/6/18 TIP 0304-58 An explanation of the toxics in packaging (formerly CONEG) heavy metal guidelines. WGC: Ted Altman

0305 - Production
- 7/5/18 TIP 0305-07 Purchase order. WGC: Steve Schmidt
- 7/5/18 TIP 0305-21 Ordering cutting dies. WGC: Ron Spice
- 7/5/18 TIP 0305-25 Buying, storing, and handling adhesives. WGC: Steve Schmidt
- 7/5/18 TIP 0305-26 Introduction to the flow chart. WGC: Steve Schmidt
- 7/5/18 TIP 0305-33 Cleanup procedures for flexo folder gluer/rotary diecutters. WGC: Kevin Erbe 
- 7/5/18 TIP 0305-39 Troubleshooting the diecutting section. WGC: Ron Spice
- 7/5/18 TIP 0305-42 Folding section. WGC: Kevin Erbe
- 9/13/18 TIP 0305-44 Counter ejector section. WGC: Jim Carbone
- 7/5/18 TIP 0305-45 Squaring flap cut (center special) boxes. WGC: Kevin Erbe

0502 - Papermakers
- 7/6/18 TIP 0502-01 Paper machine vacuum selection factors. WGC: Douglas Sweet

If you would like to participate in the Working Group for reviewing any of these TIPs, please write to 
Proposed New TIPs

The scope of proposals for new Technical Information Papers are shown below, with the title of the new proposal and the name of the Working Group Chair (WGC).

1005 - Shipping, Receiving & Warehousing
- TAPPI TIP: Stretch Wrapped Loads - WGC: David M. Zerr
This is to request development of a TAPPI TIP that would provide recommended load containment values and measurement tools for the wide range of tissue products in North America. Intent of these guidelines would be to set targeted load containment values (and ranges), measured in pounds, and appropriate measurement tools for various loads. These guidelines will be based on the type and weight characteristics of the unitized load. For example, load containment values for a unitized load of Retail Bath poly bundles would require a considerably lower load containment force contrasted with a unitized load of Away-from-Home Bath Tissue held in corrugated containers. There is a balance needed for these load containment values. Too heavy of a load containment force will crush the outer cases and damage product. Too light and the product will move in transit, cause the stretch wrap to literally fall to the ground and potentially create issues of falling product as the trailer’s doors are opened.

0500 - Paper & Board (General)
- TAPPI TIP: Automating Measurement of Wear, Permeability and Moisture Levels in Felts - WGC: David M. Zerr
This is to request development of a TAPPI TIP that would provide a replacement to the traditional hand-held devices used to measure paper machine felt conditions for wear, moisture levels and permeability. Data provided by these devices are used to understand dewatering performance and is the basis to manufacture high quality paper and machine efficiency. However, these manual measurements are considered unsafe workplace practices because the paper machine has to be running to take these measurements. For safety reasons, many companies have banned these manual measurements. To address this need, several paper machine manufacturers have developed automated or semi-automated systems to make these same measurements. 
Intent of this TAPPI TIP is to identify the safety risks using hand-held devices currently in use and promote use of these new systems that automate or semi-automate these measurements. This removes exposure to the safety risks associated with measurements using hand-held devices and permits more frequent measurement of same. Once a cross beam is placed across the paper machine, these portable units can be used in multiple locations on the same paper machine or across multiple paper machines. Regular press fabric measurements are a key factor to the overall running efficiency of a paper machine.  The performance of fabrics for dewatering trends and permeability are best measured during running conditions. This provides the best predictions on press performance and any troubleshooting or machine changes can then be carried out.  

If you would like to join the Working Group of any of these TIPs, please write to

Members for Working Groups of TIPs needed

Volunteers for the following working groups of Technical Information Papers (TIPs) are needed:

0304-20 Calibration of flexible beam crush tester
0304-22 Starch adhesive trial
0304-23 Statistical process control pin adhesion
0304-24 Calibration and maintenance of the burst tester
0304-33 Proper methods of measuring starch adhesive viscosity
0304-37 How to prevent score cracking in a box plant
0304-42 Go/no go gauge devices for the boxplant
0304-46 Techniques for running "WRA" (water resistant starch adhesive)
0304-56 Total indicated runout and its impact on combined board quality
0304-60 A procedure to proof a flexo printing ink
0304-72 Critical properties to consider when unitizing
0305-06 Machinery considerations and selection
0305-23 Rotary cutting die maintenance
0305-32 Housekeeping at order and shift change and weekly
0305-34 Daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance press checklists
0305-35 Rotary diecutter urethane anvil maintenance
0305-38 Troubleshooting the printing section
0305-43 Extruded glue mechanism supplement
0305-44 Counter ejector section
0305-49 Checklist: preparing diecuts for shipment
0305-54 Material handling considerations for flexo folder gluers
0306-06 Drying and curing techniques for in-line flexographic printing
0306-09 Ink metering systems for corrugated flexo presses
0306-17 Overview of the selection process for a laser engraved ceramic anilox roll
0306-20 A guide to proper wipe roll selection for the corrugated box industry
0425-01 Guidelines for routine periodic inspection and testing of cast iron Yankee and MG dryers

If you would like to join a Working Group of a TIP, please write to for more information.
SSIG Members Needed

he Standard-Specific Interest Groups (SSIGs) for the following standards are in need of additional members. These groups may or may not have ballots currently open.  

All Standard-Specific Interest Groups (SSIG) require a minimum of 10 members in order to ballot and vote on a draft of a method. The following test methods do not have the required minimum number of member to initiate a ballot:
SSIGs that need 1 member:
T 252 pH and electrical conductivity of hot water extracts of pulp, paper, and paperboard
T 255 Water-soluble sulfates in pulp and paper
T 256 Water-soluble chlorides in pulp and paper
T 272 Forming handsheets for reflectance testing of pulp (sheet machine procedure)
T 406 Reducible sulfur in paper and paperboard
T 434 Acid-soluble iron in paper
T 438 Zinc and cadmium in paper
T 504 Glue in paper (qualitative & quantitative determination)
T 545 Cross-machine grammage profile measurement (gravimetric method)
T 578 Accelerated light aging of printing and writing paper by xenon-arc exposure apparatus
T 602 Analysis of sulfuric acid
T 613 Analysis of caustic soda
T 619 Analysis of salt cake
T 632 Analysis of sodium silicate
T 692 Determination of suspended solids in kraft green and white liquors
T 1217 Photometric linearity of optical properties instruments
T 1218 Calibration of reflectance standards for hemispherical geometry

SSIGs that need 2 members:
T 493 Identification and determination of melamine resin in paper
T 572 Accelerated pollutant aging of printing and writing paper by pollution chamber exposure apparatus (needs 2 more members with interest categories different from General Interest)
T 621 Analysis of rosin
T 622 Analysis of sodium hydrosulfite
T 628 Analysis of rosin size

SSIGs that need 3 members:
T 245 Silicates and silica in pulp (wet ash method)
T 421 Qualitative (including optical microscopic) analysis of mineral filler and mineral coating of paper
T 611 Analysis of bleaching powder, calcium hypochlorite bleach liquor and bleach sludge

SSIGs that need 4 or more members:
T 495 Bending number of paperboard
T 656 Measuring, sampling, and analyzing white waters

SSIGs that have the minimum amount of members but are inviting new members to join
T 836 Bending stiffness, four point method

Participating in a SSIG is free and open to any industry expert interested. Join now!

If no progress is made on balancing these SSIGs, then the respective methods may be considered for withdrawal at the next Q&SMC meeting. If you have an interest in becoming a member of either of these SSIGs please contact

Standards Ready for Final Approval at SARG

The Standards listed below are ready for final approval at next SARG meeting on October 3, 2018. 

In order to act on any appeals from TAPPI members relevant to the standards up for approval, the SARG meeting is open to anyone for participation. The information for the SARG meeting is shown on Section "Announcement of SARG meeting". If you would like to review the draft, a copy with links to the documents up for approval has been posted on the SARG page**. Any comments or appeals should be sent to within 30 days of this notice. 

(* indicates Standards eligible for submission as American National Standards)

1. *T 205 "Forming handsheets for physical tests of pulp"
2. *T 218 "Forming handsheets for reflectance testing of pulp (Büchner funnel procedure)"
3. *T 266 "Determination of sodium, calcium, copper, iron and manganese in pulp and paper by atomic absorption"
4. *T 271 "Fiber length of pulp and paper by automated optical analyzer using polarized light"
5. *T 275 "Screening of pulp (Somerville-type equipment)"
6. *T 491 "Water immersion number of paperboard"
7.  *T 551 "Thickness of paper and paperboard (soft platen method)"
8. *T 568 "Physical area of sub-visible contraries in pulp, paper, and paperboard by image analysis"
9.  T 676 "Viscosity of starch and starch products" for WITHDRAWAL
10. T 818 "Ring crush of paperboard (flexible beam method)"
11. *T 834 "Determination of containerboard roll hardness"
12. *T 1217 "Photometric linearity of optical properties instruments"
13. *T 1218 "Calibration of reflectance standards for hemispherical geometry"
14. *T 1500 "Optical measurements terminology (related to appearance evaluation of paper)"
15. *T 1501 "Training standard for paper machine tender"

The Standard listed below is ready for final approval at 2019 Spring SARG meeting.

1. *T 812 "Ply separation of solid and corrugated fiberboard (wet)"

Announcement of SARG Meeting

The next meeting of the Standards Advisory Review Group (SARG) is scheduled for Wednesday, October 3, 2018, 1:30 2:00 pm (CENTRAL time), at the Red Lion Paper Valley Hotel, Appleton, WI, the site of the 2018 Tissue event. The meeting will be in the Linden Room. SARG approval is the last step prior to publication for any new or revised standard.

In order to act on any appeals from TAPPI members relevant to the standards up for approval, the SARG meeting is open to anyone for participation. The agenda has been posted on the SARG page*. There are links from the agenda items to the final drafts that are up for approval.

If you would like to participate by conference call, please send a message before September 24, 2018, to

Overdue Reports Distributed

Reports outlining the overdue reviews for Standards and TIPs were sent to the Quality and Standards Management Committee (Q&SMC) on August 6, 2018. Copies of these reports were also sent to the assigned Working Group Chairmen for these overdue reviews as well as to chairmen of the appropriate technical groups in TAPPI.

Anyone who did not receive the overdue reports but who have an interest may obtain copies by requesting them from

Working Group Chairmen: These reports were sent to you for your information and action, if required. Q&SMC may, according to the Standards Guidelines, withdraw any Standards or TIPs whose reviews are overdue, especially if it appears that little progress is being made on the Work Item. If more information or indications of progress on these Work Items are received prior to the next meeting (October 3, 2018), Q&SMC will take these reports of progress under consideration.

To provide updates regarding these reports, send a message to no later than September 27, 2018, in order to be able to provide this information to Q&SMC at their October 3 meeting. 

Acronyms You May Need to Know

For details on these commonly-used acronyms in the development of TAPPI Standards and TIPs, please see the Standards Guidelines and the TIP Guidelines, or send your questions to

TIP = Technical Information Paper 
Q&SMC = Quality and Standards Management Committee 
SSIG = Standard-Specific Interest Group 
SARG = Standards Advisory Review Group 
WI = Work Item 
WG = Working Group 
WGC = Working Group Chairman 
om = Official Method 
pm = Provisional Method 
sp = Standard Practice 
cm = Classical Method 
ss = Standard Specification 
sg = Standard Guideline 
gl = Standard Glossary 
wd = Withdrawn Standard 
UM = Useful Method

Searching and Ordering TAPPI Standards, TIPs, and Useful Methods

Details on how to search and order TAPPI Standards, TIPs and Useful Methods can be found on the TAPPI website's Search and Order page.

For Individual TIPs, order Item Number: 0108____ (Insert TIP number)

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For individual Useful Methods, order Item Number 0104UM____ (insert UM number)

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