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New or Revised Standards, TIPs, and Useful Methods

TIP 0402-36 "Guidelines for detection, monitoring and prevention of flow accelerated corrosion (FAC) in the pulp and paper mill" (New TIP)

TIP 0508-06 "Refiner systems: their inspection and maintenance" (Revision)

Special note: Documents appearing in the TAPPI online version of the Standards and TIPs are updated once a month (usually around the 15th). So it is possible that there is a delay between the publication announcement and the posting online. If you are a subscriber to the online access to Standards and TIPs and you are in a hurry for new documents that have not yet been posted, you can send a request to
TAPPI Standards in Ballot

The TAPPI Standards regulations require public review of standards that are up for ballot. TAPPI members can view any drafts that are in ballot by logging in to the TAPPI web site (, clicking on "My TAPPI," and then clicking on the "Standards Public Draft Review" link on the left side of the page. If you would like to review and comment on any draft and are not a member of the corresponding Standard-Specific Interest Group (SSIG), you may view the draft on line or you may request a copy of the draft being balloted by writing to TAPPI members may join SSIGs as permanent members; go to the Subject Category page to download forms for this purpose. Nonmembers of TAPPI may join any SSIG as a voting member; to do so, send a message to to receive a copy of the draft and a ballot.

Listed below are TAPPI Standards that have recently gone out for ballot to the corresponding Standard-Specific Interest Group (SSIG). The date in parentheses is the closing date for voting.

T 627 "Determination of titanium dioxide" (June 28, 2013)

Special note about the online balloting system: TAPPI has been experiencing some problems on its website with the online system for balloting. The problem may or may not have been corrected by the time of the publication fo this edition of the STAR newsletter.

If you are a TAPPI member and expderience problems trying to access drafts and vote on line, send a message to and request that a copy of the draft be sent to you. then you can vote by replying to the email. We apologize for the inconvenience.


General Announcements

Getting started is easy. Do you have just a general idea for a standard, or are you farther along and have a substantial draft? If you just have a general idea for a standard or TIP, complete the New Idea Submission Form. TAPPI will review your idea and identify an appropriate committee or group to work on your suggestion. If you are further along, send an initial draft to From there, the TAPPI Standards Manager will guide you through the appropriate process to finalize and approve the new document.

A recent revision of the TAPPI Standards Guidelines included a change in the way 10-year reviews of Classical Methods are handled.

Classical Methods that have been through a ten-year review once will now be balloted for WITHDRAWAL at the second or later ten-year review. Voters on the SSIG will be asked to vote negative if they disagree with the withdrawal and to state reasons for retaining the standard. If the voter agrees with withdrawal, an affirmative vote should be cast.

The idea behind this chnage is to determine if a Classical Method has outlived its use. If it is technology that is no longer in common use, it should be withdrawn from the set of standards.

The first standard to be balloted under this new procedure is T 526 cm-04 (see announcement under "Announcement of TAPPI Standards in Ballot" in this edition of the STAR.

If you have any questions about this new procedure, please contact


Suppliers of reference materials for TAPPI Test Methods are requested to certify their compliance with TAPPI Standard Practice T 1211 "Acceptance Procedures for Calibration Laboratories." This practice, current edition T 1211 sp-11, establishes guidelines for the listing of organizations as calibration laboratories or providers of standardized materials for TAPPI Standard Test Methods. Such organizations are involved with the maintenance of master instruments, calibration of test instruments, and the issuance of calibration materials or transfer standards.

The list of reference material suppliers appears in the full set of TAPPI Standards, on the TAPPI website, or is available upon request from the TAPPI Standards Department ( Organizations currently on the list will be notified that it is required that they recertify on a yearly basis in order to remain on the list. Organizations that file the recertification form with TAPPI by September 3, 2013, are assured of being listed in the next edition of the full set of methods on CD that will be released in March 2012. The filing date of September 3, 2013, has been established so that there will be time to review the responses prior to the publication deadline.

Organizations that provide reference materials for TAPPI Standard Test Methods but which are not currently on the Reference Materials list should also submit self-certification forms by September 3, 2013, in order to be included in the next full set listing. Such organizations should contact the TAPPI Standards Department ( to obtain the certification form.


A proposal has been made to review the currently withdrawn Useful Method 251 "Permanganate number of chemical and lightly lignified pulps" and to reinstate it under the new Useful Method guidelines. The chairman of the review would like interested parties to join the working group to approve the final document.

If you would like to be part of this UM review group, please contact no later than July 15, 2013.


The following TAPPI Standards have been approved as American National Standards:

T 550 om-13 "Determination of equilibrium moisture in pulp, paper and paperboard for chemical analysis"
T 572 sp-13 "Accelerated pollutant aging of printing and writing paper by pollution chamber exposure apparatus"
T 692 om-13 "Determination of suspended solids in kraft green and white liquors"
T 428 om-13 "Hot water extractable acidity or alkalinity of paper
T 406 om-13 "Reducible sulfur in paper and paperboard"
T 274 sp-13 "Laboratory screening of pulp (MasterScreen-type instrument)"
T 410 om-13 "Grammage of paper and paperboard (weight per unit area)"
T 282 om-13 "Hexeneuronic acid content of chemical pulp"
T 441 om-13 "Water absorptiveness of sized (non-bibulous) paper, paperboard, and corrugated fiberboard (Cobb test)
T 402 sp-13 "Standard conditioning and testing atmospheres for paper, board, pulp handsheets, and related products"

SSIG Members Needed

Although there is already a Standard-Specific Interest Group for currently withdrawn TAPPI T 625 "Analysis of soda and sulfate black liquor," the working group chair for a proposed revision and reinstatement of this standard has requested an announcement to recruit additional interested parties.

The proposal is to revise and reissue T 625 as a Classical Method and to add a non-numeric precision statement based on: (1) the test method is primarily being used within a single pulp mill as black, green, and white liquors are not commercially traded; (2) there are several test procedures within this single test method and dividing them into several individual methods would serve no purpose as this is best left as a broad analysis method; and (3) it is extremely difficult to run a round robin for this type of method.

If you would like to join the SSIG for T 625 (or if you need confirmation that you are already a member), please contact no later than July 15, 2013.


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Acronyms You May Need to Know

For details on these commonly-used acronyms in the development of TAPPI Standards and TIPs, please see the Standards Guidelines and the TIP Guidelines, or send your questions to

TIP = Technical Information Paper
Q&SMC = Quality and Standards Management Committee
SSIG = Standard-Specific Interest Group
SARG = Standards Advisory Review Group
WI = Work Item
WG = Working Group
WGC = Working Group Chairman
om = Official Method
pm = Provisional Method
sp = Standard Practice
cm = Classical Method
ss = Standard Specification
sg = Standard Guideline
gl = Standard Glossary
wd = Withdrawn Standard
UM = Useful Method

Searching and Ordering TAPPI Standards, TIPs, and Useful Methods

Details on how to search and order TAPPI Standards, TIPs and Useful Methods can be found on the TAPPI website's Search and Order page.

For Individual TIPs, order Item Number: 0108____ (Insert TIP number)

For Individual Standards, order Item Number: 0104T____ (Insert Standard number)

For individual Useful Methods, order Item Number 0104UM____ (insert UM number)

List price: $49; TAPPI member price: $32. There are no shipping or handling charges for electronic documents.

The 2013 collection of Standards, TIPs, and UMs, published in March of 2013 (product code STUCD-13), is available on CD. An Individual or Company License for access to the continually updated collection of Standards, TIPs, and UMs via the web is the best way to always have a current set of documents accessible. A print-on-demand version of either the Standards, TIPs, or UMs, current and updated as of the date printed, is also available.

For information and quotes on company licenses, contact Jeff Wellsat or +1-770-209-7228. For regular orders (including individual online licenses), contact Member Connection at 1-800-332-8686 (US), 1-800-446-9431 (Canada), or +1-770-446-1400 (international), or order on line at

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