TAPPI Connect: Like social media without the crazy

Join TAPPI’s an online community where
you can grow your network with other industry professionals

Imagine productive “water cooler” talk where you choose the topic, or help a peer with a solution! TAPPI Connect is just that. It's an online community where you can grow your network and get answers from industry professionals in the pulp, paper, tissue, packaging and converting industries – not your classmate from high school who posts cat pictures every day (but feel free to post your cat in Connect too).

What’s in Connect?

The TAPPI Connect app: Connect Community
You don't have to stay tied to your desktop to benefit from TAPPI Connect, keep in your pocket. The Connected Community app (a user friendly mobile version of TAPPI Connect) gives you an easy way to participate, no matter where you are.

In addition to TAPPI Connect, TAPPI's LinkedIn page can connect you with more than 13,000 industry professionals that are interested in reaching out and staying connected. Find current and former co-workers, fellow alumni, employers, industry experts and executives. You never know who will accept your invitation.

Got questions?
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