The following TAPPI Standards have been approved as American National Standards by the ANSI Board of Standards Review:

New American National Standards:
T 220 Physical testing of pulp handsheets
T 222 Acid insoluble lignin in wood and pulp
T 227 Freeness of pulp (Canadian standard method)
T 278 Pulp screening (Valley-type screening device)
T 425 Opacity of paper (15/d geometry, illuminant A/2 degrees, 89% reflectance backing and paper backing)
T 448 Water vapor transmission rate of paper and paperboard at 23ºC and 50% RH
T 460 Air resistance of paper (Gurley method)
T 465 Static creasing of paper for water vapor transmission tests
T 476 Abrasion loss of paper and paperboard (Taber-type method)
T 541 Internal bond strength of paperboard (z-direction tensile)
T 564 Transparent chart for the estimation of defect size
T 566 Bending resistance (stiffness) of paper (Taber-type tester in 0 to 10 Taber stiffness unit configuration)
T 577 Score bend test
T 844 Determining construction (nominal basis weight) of corrugated board

Approved reaffirmation of current American National Standards:
T 200 Laboratory beating of pulp (Valley beater method)
T 213 Dirt in pulp-chart method
T 248 Laboratory beating of pulp (PFI mill method)
T 277 Macro stickies content in pulp: the “pick-up” method
T 411 Thickness (caliper) of paper, paperboard, and combined board
T 650 Solids content of black liquor

Approved revision of current American National Standards:
T 259 Species identification of nonwood plant fibers
T 428 Hot water extractable acidity or alkalinity of paper
T 444 Silver tarnishing by paper and paperboard
T 459 Surface strength of paper (wax pick test)
T 572 Accelerated pollutant aging of printing and writing paper by pollution chamber exposure apparatus
T 573 Accelerated temperature aging of printing and writing paper by dry oven exposure apparatus
T 1212 Light sources for evaluating papers including those containing fluorescent whitening agents

Notices of the approvals of the TAPPI Standards as American National Standards were placed in the November, 5 2021 edition of ANSI Standards Action.