The Work Item below is a Proposal for a New Standard with development in progress. A first ballot to review the proposed draft will be opened within the next weeks.

Subject Category: 0114 Fillers and Pigment
WGC: Martti Tuomisto

Title: High Shear Capillary Viscosity (ACA Capillary Viscosity) of coating color on paper and paperboard


1. This method describes a procedure for measuring high shear viscosity of pigment coating colors using an ACA AX-100 Viscometer with a capillary configuration.
2. In this method, high shear viscosity is determined as mPa·s at the shear rate of 500,000 s-1, and simply called ACA Capillary Viscosity.
3. The method is applicable for water-based pigment coating colors used in various coating processes such as in blade, rod, and film transfer coating. Typically, suitable pigment coating colors have a solids content between 30 % and 80 %, and they contain mineral pigments, synthetic and / or natural binders and coating additives.

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