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Subject Category to be determined (Global theme: Information Technology)
Work Item opened on September 16, 2020

TIP Title: Industry 4.0 Lexicon
WGC: Patrick J. Dixon


The purpose of this Technical Information Paper is to provide a comprehensive definition of terminology used around the theme of Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing industries.


Manufacturing industries are in the midst of a tectonic technological shift that is profoundly changing the way industrial production is designed, produced, manufactured, shipped, serviced and sold. This era is referred to as Industrie 4.0 (or Industry 4.0 hereafter in this document).

Industry 4.0 is filled with buzzwords that have been used inconsistently to describe capabilities that can be hard to distinguish between other terms and prior technology. By speaking a common language, we can more easily share ideas and accelerate progress.

The purpose of this TAPPI TIP is to promote a better understanding of the most common terms in Industry 4.0. This is intended to be a dictionary of terminology that can be used as a reference. Consistent use of terminology will help ensure all stakeholders have the same expectations and can arrive at mutually beneficial results.Where they exist, references to a formal definition for a term are included.

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