The Standards listed below are ready for final approval at next SARG meeting on October 3, 2018. 

In order to act on any appeals from TAPPI members relevant to the standards up for approval, the SARG meeting is open to anyone for participation. The information for the SARG meeting is shown on Section "Announcement of SARG meeting". If you would like to review the draft, a copy with links to the documents up for approval has been posted on the SARG page**. Any comments or appeals should be sent to within 30 days of this notice. 

(* indicates Standards eligible for submission as American National Standards)

1. *T 205 "Forming handsheets for physical tests of pulp"
2. *T 218 "Forming handsheets for reflectance testing of pulp (Büchner funnel procedure)"
3. *T 266 "Determination of sodium, calcium, copper, iron and manganese in pulp and paper by atomic absorption"
4. *T 271 "Fiber length of pulp and paper by automated optical analyzer using polarized light"
5. *T 275 "Screening of pulp (Somerville-type equipment)"
6. *T 491 "Water immersion number of paperboard"
7.  *T 551 "Thickness of paper and paperboard (soft platen method)"
8. *T 568 "Physical area of sub-visible contraries in pulp, paper, and paperboard by image analysis"
9.  T 676 "Viscosity of starch and starch products" – for WITHDRAWAL
10. T 818 "Ring crush of paperboard (flexible beam method)"
11. *T 834 "Determination of containerboard roll hardness"
12. *T 1217 "Photometric linearity of optical properties instruments"
13. *T 1218 "Calibration of reflectance standards for hemispherical geometry"
14. *T 1500 "Optical measurements terminology (related to appearance evaluation of paper)"
15. *T 1501 "Training standard for paper machine tender"