Listed below are TAPPI TIPs that were recently sent out to the Working Group for reviewing them. The date when the Work Item was opened is shown for each TIP, as well as the Working Group Chair's (WGC) name. The target completion date for the review of each TIP is one year after the opening of the Work Item. 

0304 - Process Control & Quality Assurance
- 7/5/18 TIP 0304-02 Box plant quality measurement: why test? WGC: Dick Target
- 7/5/18 TIP 0304-19 Curtain coating weight test. WGC: Mike Jackson
- 7/5/18 TIP 0304-30 Calibration and maintenance of the manually operated micrometer. WGC: Steve Schmidt
- 7/5/18 TIP 0304-39 In-line coating at the corrugator. WGC: Mike Jackson
- 7/5/18 TIP 0304-40 Techniques for bonding of densified liners. WGC: Jeff Gebauer
- 7/6/18 TIP 0304-01 Procedure for setting up a raw material trial on the corrugator. WGC: Ted Altman
- 7/6/18 TIP 0304-58 An explanation of the toxics in packaging (formerly CONEG) heavy metal guidelines. WGC: Ted Altman

0305 - Production
- 7/5/18 TIP 0305-07 Purchase order. WGC: Steve Schmidt
- 7/5/18 TIP 0305-21 Ordering cutting dies. WGC: Ron Spice
- 7/5/18 TIP 0305-25 Buying, storing, and handling adhesives. WGC: Steve Schmidt
- 7/5/18 TIP 0305-26 Introduction to the flow chart. WGC: Steve Schmidt
- 7/5/18 TIP 0305-33 Cleanup procedures for flexo folder gluer/rotary diecutters. WGC: Kevin Erbe
- 7/5/18 TIP 0305-39 Troubleshooting the diecutting section. WGC: Ron Spice
- 7/5/18 TIP 0305-42 Folding section. WGC: Kevin Erbe
- 7/5/18 TIP 0305-45 Squaring flap cut (center special) boxes. WGC: Kevin Erbe

0502 - Papermakers
- 7/6/18 TIP 0502-01 Paper machine vacuum selection factors. WGC: Douglas Sweet

If you would like to participate in the Working Group for reviewing any of these TIPs, please write to