T 262 Preparation of Mechanical Pulps for Testing

T 281 Open Drum Washer Mat Sampling Technique

T 452 Brightness of Pulp, Paper and Paperboard (Directional Reflectance at 457 nm)

T 464 Water Vapor Transmission Rate of Paper and Paperboard at High Temperature and Humidity

T 530 Size Test for Paper by Ink Resistance (Hercules-Type Method)

T 536 Resistance of Paper to Passage of Air (High-Pressure Gurley Method)

T 547 Air Permeance of Paper and Paperboard (Sheffield Method)

T 579 Diffuse brightness of paper, paperboard and pulp (d/0) (ultraviolet level D65)

T 1210 Units of Measurement and Conversion Factors

T 1216 Indices for Whiteness, Yellowness, Brightness, and Luminous Reflectance Factor