New TIP proposed on black iiquor recovery boiler inspection planning and implementation

A new TIP has been proposed: Black iiquor recovery boiler inspection planning and implementation.

The abstract is as follows: All boilers are subject to wear and tear, and all boilers need to be inspected periodically to maintain an awareness of their condition.  Condition awareness is used to plan maintenance and repair activities.  Black liquor recovery boilers have special hazards inherent in their operation and patterns of wear that differ from utility boilers, and many times, from each other.  Owner/operators must decide how to best care for their particular units, and often partner with inspection vendors with the manpower and expertise to execute inspections, gather the data and assist in its interpretation.

The purpose of this technical information paper (TIP) is to offer guidance in the management of the inspection process.  Considerations around safe work practices are described.  Communication of inspection scope and implementation of the inspection plan is outlined.  Ongoing communication during the course of the inspection and final report content is addressed.  The reader will take the inspection scope, that they have determined is appropriate to his/her unit, and interact effectively with the vendor or vendors requested to execute the inspection.

If you would like to participate in the review of this new TIP, please send a message to no later than February 23, 2015.