Shippers of paper towels and wrapping paper requested to complete questionnaire

The Community Classification Standards Board (CCSB) is researching the transportation characteristics related to the shipping of both paper towels and wrapping paper in accordance with the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) standard. NMFC is a standard used by the trucking industry that provides a comparison of commodities moving in commerce.

CCSB has designed a questionnaire to be completed by manufacturers and shippers of each product. The source of the information furnished will be identified only as "shipper," and no confidential information will be released. The CCSB would also welcome an opportunity to visit shipping facilities and observe shipments as they are presented to the carrier.

The CCSB would like the questionnaire on paper towels submitted no later than September 15, 2014, and the questionnaire on wrapping paper by September 22, 2014. If your company is a manufacturer or shipper of paper towels and/or wrapping paper, and you have not already received the questionnaire directly from CCSB, please contact, and a copy of the letter and questionnaire can be sent to you.