Eleven TAPPI Standards approved as American National Standards

The folowing TAPPI Standards have been approved as American National Standards:

T 257 sp-14 Sampling and Preparing Wood for Analysis
T 277 sp-14 Macro Stickies Content in Pulp:  the "Pickup" Method
T 455 sp-14 Identification of Wire Side of Paper
T 515 om-14 Visual Grading and Color Matching of Paper
T 529 om-14 Surface pH Measurement of Paper
T 569 om-14 Internal Bond Strength (Scott Type)
T 648 om-14 Viscosity of Coating Clay Slurry
T 825 om-14 Flat Crush Test of Corrugated Board (Rigid Support Method)
T 831 om-14 Water Absorption of Corrugating Medium: Water Drop Penetration Test
T 1200 sp-14 Interlaboratory Evaluation of Test Methods to Determine TAPPI Repeatability and Reproducibility
T 1205 sp-14 Dealing with Suspect (Outlying) Test Determinations