Proposed new TIP "Fluoropolymer properties and applications in pulp and paper mills"

A proposal has been made for a new Technical Information Paper (TIP): "Fluoropolymer properties and applications in pulp and paper mills"

The scope of the TIP is: Fluoropolymers have unique properties among thermoplastics, including outstanding chemical resistance to higher temperatures than other plastics; non-stick, non-wetting and low-friction surfaces; relatively low liquid and gas permeability; excellent UV resistance, and are non-burning materials available in a wide variety of product forms. High cost generally limits their use to specialized, high value applications, often competing with costly corrosion resistant alloys.  This document both helps users in a pulp and paper mill to identify the correct fluoropolymer for a particular application and, by educating the reader, encourages wider appreciation and use of fluoropolymers in challenging corrosion, sealing and wear applications. Fluoroelastomers are not discussed in this document.

Any individuals who are interested in this TIP may join the Working Group and have an opportunity to review the TIP prior to its publication. If you would like to join the Working Group for this project, please notify the Standards Department at no later than June 11, 2014.