The standards eligible for approval at SARG are listed below. The asterisks (*) indicate the standards that will be eligible for submission to ANSI for consideration as American National Standards.

*T 648 "Viscosity of coating clay slurry"
*T 825 "Flat crush test of corrugated board (rigid support method)"
*T 843 "Fluted edge crush of corrugating medium (rigid support method)"
*T 1205 "Dealing with suspect (outlying) test determinations"
*T 529 "Surface pH measurement of paper"
T 625 "Analysis of soda and sulfate black liquor
*T 569 "Internal bond strength (Scott type)"
*T 1200 "Interlaboratory evaluation of test methods to determine TAPPI repeatability and reproducibility"
T 824 "Fluted edge crush of corrugating medium (flexible beam method)"
*T 277 "Macro stickies content in pulp: the "pick-up" method" (Reclassification as Standard Practice)
*T 257 "Sampling and preparing wood for analysis"
*T 515 "Visual grading and color matching of paper"
*T 455 "Identification of wire side of paper"
*T 831 "Water absorption of corrugating medium: water drop penetration test"