SSIG Members Needed for T 526 "Blister resistance of coated paper in heatset printing"

A ballot on T 526 cm-04 "Blister resistance of coated paper in heatset printing" was distributed for its ten-year review ballot on May 7, 2013. Due to low response to the ballot, a second ballot was distributed on July 17, 2013. The percent return of this ballot was also low.

Under the current TAPPI guidelines, this method was balloted for withdrawal in this review because it is a Classical Method that has been through regular review more than once. There was one negative voting against withdrawal, and that voter has agreed to become working group chair for the review and has requested that the next ballot be for retention and possibly revision of T 526 as a Classical Method.

Because of the low percent return, several members of the Standard-Specific Interest Group (SSIG) are in danger of being dropped after the next ballot due to missing three ballots in a row. However, if all of those members are dropped, then we will drop below the minimum 10 members required to constitute an SSIG.

In order to have enough SSIG members after the delinquent members are dropped, we need to add new members to the SSIG. If you have an interest in T 526 and would like to join this SSIG, please send a message to no later than November 15, 2013.