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During the recent ISO TC6 and TC6/SC2 meetings: Mary Kombolias (US) was designated as a liaison representative from TC6 to TC207/SC3 Environmental labelling and TC207/SC5 Life cycle assessment.

The US will lead revisions:

ISO 12625-15:2015 Tissue paper and tissue products - Part 15: Determination of optical properties - Measurement of brightness and colour with C/2º (indoor daylight) illuminant [Todd Popson]

ISO 12625-16:2015 Tissue paper and tissue products - Part 16: Determination of optical properties – Opacity (paper backing) – Diffuse reflectance method [Todd Popson]

ISO 3689:1983 Paper and board — Determination of bursting strength after immersion in water– Diffuse reflectance method [David Carlson]

ISO 5637:1989 Paper and board — Determination of water absorption after immersion in water [David Carlson]

The next ISO TC 6 Plenary is scheduled for June 2022 in Beijing, China

We currently have around 30 experts on the U.S. TAG/ ISO TC 6, but we are always seeking additional knowledge and assistance. Areas of particular need are: paper ageing, boxes, combined board, cores, environmental, and fiber. If you would like to know more or join the U.S. TAG/ ISO TC 6, please write to

M. Todd Popson
Chair of  U.S. TAG to ISO TC 6

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