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New Staff at TAPPI Standards Department
Nakia Bates has just joined the TAPPI Team to give support to the Standards Department. Nakia is originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee and has been in Georgia about 4 years. She has 3 years of experience in the distribution industry of paper and corrugated packaging.  Nakia has a happy mood and is always seen with a smile on her face. Her favorite motto is: “Have a Great Day on Purpose!” 
Thank you to all TAPPI volunteers!
"Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer." (Author Unknown)
On behalf of TAPPI, I would like to thank you for all the time and effort that the volunteers listed below have dedicated to working on the TAPPI Standards and TIPs that were published in 2018. TAPPI, with the support of the SSIGs, published 29 Standards and withdrew 1 Standard in 2018. In addition, 24 Working Groups had their TIPs published this year.

Thank you for everything you do for TAPPI!

Priscila Briggs

Standards Administrator
Volunteers of Standard Specific Interest Groups (SSIGs) who had Standards published/withdrawn in 2018

Mike Buchanan

Mark Buntjer

David Carlson

Rohit Chawla

Charles Courchene

William Coyle

Mark Crable

Dennis Crawshaw

Kenneth Ferguson

Greg Fox

Benjamin Frank

Thomas Furst

Sarah Gedrich

Donald Guay

John Homoelle

Ed Hughes

David Jack

Jonathan Kerr

Lang-Don Ling

Richard Lund

Jeff Lundeen

Tony Lyons

Eric Mehnert

Henry Munn

Roger Ogden

M. Todd Popson

Fredrick Potter

Walter Rantanen

Nicholas Riggs

Roy Rosenberger

Nancy Ross Sutherland

Samuel Schabel

Charles Schaeufele

Peter Snyder

Thomas Staal

Dirk Swinehart

R. Gary Thurman

Bogdan Marian Tofanica

Roland Trepanier

Janice Trotter

Gary Vosler

Terry Witkowski

Volunteers of Working Groups who had TIPs published in 2018

Jack Allen

Ted Altman

Clay Arnold

Aric Bacon

Robert Bartholomew

Rob Baxter

Mike Bayse

Dennis Beggs

Miranda Bliss

Garnet Bremner

Wayne Bucher

David Burton

Clive Butler

J. Buzzell

Medwick V. Byrd

Jeff Chaloux

Susan Childress

Richard Christner

John Considine

Craig Cook

R.J. Croker

Scott Curry

Sara Dawkins

Jean Desharnais

Frank DeStefano

Sammy DiRe

John Dore

Virginia Durham

John Edwards

Zeke Eskender

Mark Foulger

Benjamin Frank

Michael Garfield

Alain Genereux

Paul Glogowski

Matias Gonzalez

Margaret Gorog

James Graham

Tom Grunder

Paula Hajakian

Mark Harrison

Stephen Heaney

Mark Hodson

Martin Hubbe

Robert W. Hurter

Chris Jackson

Neil Jeske

Asten Johnson

Norris Johnston

Jimmy Jong

George Katula

Bob Kinstrey

Kevin Knoernschild

Pekka Kormano

Paul Krochak

Nathalie Lafleur

Ron Lansing

Steve Logue

Ricky Loveland

Michael Lykins

Mark Mancl

Jouni Matula

Bob Matzka

Danny P. McDonald

David McDonald

David Mead

Max Moskal

Meg Murphy

Hiroki Nanko

John Neun

Scott Pantaleo

Vann Parker

Jacques Perrault

Jacek Przybylski

Jeff Reese

Richard Reese

Oliver Renier

Fran A. Riccio

Thomas E. Rodencal

Sandy Sharp

Douglas Sherman

Mike Six

Andrew Smiltneek

Don Sorenson

Mark Sorenson

Lisa Stephens

Cody Stevens

Frank Sutman

Doug Sweet

David C. Thompson

Roland Trepanier

J.R. Troyke

D. Vollick

Greg Wedel

Philip Wells

Jimmy West

David Williams

Charles H. Wunner

John Xu

Sara Young

Jake Zwart


TAPPI Standards guidelines require that all TAPPI members receive notification of any proposed new Standard or TIPs. This message is being sent to you because you are a TAPPI member; have purchased TIPs or Standards products from TAPPI; or because you have previously expressed interest in this topic.


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