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Volunteers for the following working groups of Technical Information Papers (TIPs) are needed.
All Working Groups of TIPs require a minimum of 3 TAPPI members from 3 different companies in order to review a TIP. The following TIPs do not have the required minimum number of members to initiate the review or the Working Group Chair is requesting more members to join the Working Group:

0304-20 Calibration of flexible beam crush tester
0304-23 Statistical process control pin adhesion
0304-24 Calibration and maintenance of the burst tester
0304-25 Understanding formaldehyde management
0304-26 Common curtain coating problems: causes, detection and correction
0304-37 How to prevent score cracking in a box plant
0304-42 Go/no go gauge devices for the boxplant
0304-46 Techniques for running "WRA" (water resistant starch adhesive)
0304-56 Total indicated runout and its impact on combined board quality
0304-60 A procedure to proof a flexo printing ink
0304-72 Critical properties to consider when unitizing
0305-06 Machinery considerations and selection
0305-23 Rotary cutting die maintenance
0305-25 Buying, storing, and handling adhesives
0305-32 Housekeeping at order and shift change and weekly
0305-34 Daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance press checklists
0305-35 Rotary diecutter urethane anvil maintenance
0305-38 Troubleshooting the printing section
0305-43 Extruded glue mechanism supplement
0305-44 Counter ejector section
0305-49 Checklist: preparing diecuts for shipment
0305-54 Material handling considerations for flexo folder gluers
0306-06 Drying and curing techniques for in-line flexographic printing
0306-17 Overview of the selection process for a laser engraved ceramic anilox roll
0306-20 A guide to proper wipe roll selection for the corrugated box industry
0402-35 Post-fabrication cleaning of stainless steel in the pulp and paper industry
0402-36 Guidelines for detection, monitoring and prevention of flow accelerated corrosion (FAC) in the pulp and paper mill
0404-24 Guidelines for the design, operation, performance evaluation, and troubleshooting of a paper machine hood and air systems 
0404-27 Press fabric dewatering and conditioning - suction box (Uhle box) design and vacuum requirements
0404-46 Techniques for nip impressions
0410-10 Weirs and flumes
0410-14 Generalized method for determining the pipe friction loss of flowing pulp suspensions
0410-15 Optimum consistency for pumping pulp
0416-08 Guidelines for replacement of generating bank tubes with expanded joints in two-drum boilers
0416-09 Collection and burning of concentrated noncondensible gases: regulations, design, and operation
0416-10 Stripping of kraft pulping process condensates: regulations, design and operation
0416-11 Recommended test procedure for black liquor evaporators
0416-24 Energy checklist: pulp mill
0420-09 Measuring the hardness of rubber-covered rolls
0425-01 Guidelines for routine periodic inspection and testing of cast iron Yankee and MG dryers

0425-02 Inspection guidelines for Yankee hood systems
0502-20 Catalog of stock prep pilot plants

0603-02 Stickies definition and classification
1205-02 Cotton in nonwovens
NEW  Black liquor recovery boiler inspection planning and implementation
NEW  Doctoring
NEW  Paper sheet problems & diagnosis as related to paper machine clothing
NEW  Press section vibration

If you would like to join a Working Group of a TIP, please write to for more information.

TAPPI Standards guidelines require that all TAPPI members receive notification of any proposed new Standard or TIPs. This message is being sent to you because you are a TAPPI member; have purchased TIPs or Standards products from TAPPI; or because you have previously expressed interest in this topic.


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