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The standards eligible for approval at SARG are listed below. The asterisks (*) indicate the standards that will be eligible for submission to ANSI for consideration as American National Standards.

*T 538 "Roughness of paper and paperboard"
*T 220 "Physical testing of pulp handsheets"
*T 465 "Static creasing of paper for water vapor transmission tests"
*T 435 "Hydrogen ion concentration (pH) of paper extracts (hot extraction method)"
*T 460 "Air resistance of paper (Gurley method)"
T 462 "Castor-oil penetration test for paper"
*T 556 "Bending resistance of paper and paperboard by single-point bending methods"
T 627 "Determination of titanium dioxide"
*T 1009 "Tensile strength and elongation at break for fiber glass mats"
*T 564 "Transparent chart for the estimation of defect size"
*T 263 "Identification of wood and fibers from conifers"
*T 537 "Dirt count in paper and paperboard (optical character recognition – OCR)"
*T 807 "Bursting strength of linerboard"
*T 543 "Bending resistance of paper (Gurley-type tester)"
*T 822 "Ring crush of paperboard (rigid support method)"
*T 425 "Opacity of paper (15/d geometry, illuminant A/2 degrees, 89% reflectance backing and paper backing)"
*T 258 "Basic density and moisture content of pulpwood"

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