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TAPPI Standards Approved as American National Standards

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Fifteen recently published TAPPI Standards have been approved as American National Standards:

T 213 om-15  "Dirt in pulp - chart method"

T 259 om-15 "Species identification of nonwood plant fibers"

T 401 om-15 "Fiber analysis of paper and paperboard"

T 409 sp-15 "Machine direction of paper and paperboard"

T 454 om-15 "Turpentine test for voids in glassine and greaseproof papers"

T 546 om-15 "Machine-direction grammage variation measurement (gravimetric method)"

T 555 om-15 "Roughness of paper and paperboard (print-surf method)"

T 558 om-15 "Surface wettability and absorbency of sheeted materials using an automated contact angle tester"

T 563 om-15 "Equivalent black area (EBA) and count of visible dirt in pulp, paper and paperboard by image analysis"

T 573 sp-15 "Accelerated temperature aging of printing and writing paper by dry oven exposure apparatus"

T 650 om-15 "Solids content of black liquor"

T 1007 sp-15 "Sample location for fiber glass mat sheets"

T 1008 sp-15 "Test conditions for fiberglass mat test methods"

T 1012 om-15 "Moisture content of fiber glass mats"

T 1015 sp-15 "Fiber glass mat uniformity (visual defects)"

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