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TIP 0304-53 "Tests for corrugator roll wear" (Revision with title change)

TIP 0402-18 "Ultrasonic testing (UT) for tube thickness in black liquor recovery boilers: Part I - Guidelines for accurate tube thickness testing Part II - Default layouts for tube thickness surveys in various boiler zones" (Revision)

TIP 0410-08 "Control of stock activity on a fourdrinier table" (Reinstatement of a previously withdrawn TIP)

TIP 0416-11 "Recommended test procedure for black liquor evaporators" (Revision)

TIP 0416-24 "Energy checklist: pulp mill" (Revision and renumbering of former TIP 0422-01)

TIP 0502-15 "Selection criteria for wet end ceramics" (Revision)

UM 3 "Determination of useful fiber in bagasse" (Reaffirmation)

UM 23 "Bulk density of wood chips" (Reaffirmed)

UM 203 "Freeness of pulp (Williams tester)" (Revision)

UM 205 "Dirt in pulp (measured by transmitted light)" (Revision)

UM 221 "Laboratory processing of pulp (plate refiner)" (Revision)

UM 240 "Shive content of mechanical pulp (laboratory flat screen)" (Revision)

UM 242 "Shive content of mechanical pulp (Somerville fractionator)" (Revision)

UM 253 "Laboratory processing of pulp (ball or pebble-mill method)" (reaffirmation)

UM 258 "Laboratory processing of pulp (Kollergang method)" (Revision)

UM 411 "Opacity of paper using 45°/0° geometry reflectometer" (Revision)

UM 566 "Wetting shipping sack paper for testing" (Revision)

UM 573 "Water vapor permeability of sheet materials at -18°C (0°F) (Reaffirmation)

UM 579 "Water repellence of paper and board" (Revision, including title change)

UM 590 "Creasing (using steel rules) of paperboard for water vapor transmission (WVTR) testing" (Reaffirmation)

UM 596 "Water absorbency of nonbibulous paperboard " (Revision)

UM 658 "Color strength and shade of dye" (Revision)

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