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T 211 om-12 "Ash in wood, pulp, paper and paperboard: combustion at 525 degrees C" (Reaffirmation)
T 212 om-12 "One percent sodium hydroxide solubility of wood and pulp" (Revision)
T 240 om-12 "Consistency (concentration) of pulp suspensions" (Revision)
T 252 om-12 "pH and electrical conductivity of hot water extracts of pulp, paper, and paperboard" (Reaffirmation)
T 275 sp-12 "Screening of pulp (Somerville-type equipment)" (Revision)
T 281 om-12 "Open drum washer mat sampling technique" (Revision)
T 421 om-12 "Qualitative (including optical microscopic) analysis of mineral filler and mineral coating of paper" (Reinstatement of previously withdrawn Official Method)
T 433 cm-12 "Water resistance of sized paper and paperboard (dry indicator method)"(Revision)
T 444 om-12 "Silver tarnishing by paper and paperboard" (Revision)
T 464 om-12 "Water vapor transmission rate of paper and paperboard at high temperature and humidity" (Revision)
T 525 om-12 "Diffuse brightness of paper, paperboard and pulp (d/0) -- ultraviolet level C" (Revision)
T 530 om-12 "Creasing of flexible packaging material paper specimens for testing" (Revision)
T 536 om-12 "Resistance of paper to passage of air (high-pressure Gurley method)" (Revision)
T 547 om-12 "Air permeance of paper and paperboard (Sheffield method)" (Revision)
T 559 cm-12 "Grease resistance test for paper and paperboard" (Revision)
T 568 om-12 "Physical area of sub-visible contraries in pulp, paper, and paperboard by image analysis" (Revision)
T 579 om-12 "Diffuse brightness of paper, paperboard and pulp (d/0) (ultraviolet level D65)" (New Official Method)
T 802 om-12 "Drop test for fiberboard shipping containers" (Revision)
T 815 om-12 "Coefficient of static friction (slide angle) of packaging and packaging materials (including shipping sack papers, corrugated and solid fiberboard) (inclined plane method)" (Revision)
T 821 om-12 "Pin adhesion of corrugated board by selective separation" (Revision)
T 832 om-12 "Water absorption of corrugating medium: float curl method" (Revision)
T 838 cm-12 "Edge crush test using neckdown" (Revision and reclassification as a Classical Method)
T 1210 sp-12 "Units of measurement and conversion factors" (Revision)
T 1212 sp-12 "Light sources for evaluating papers including those containing fluorescent whitening agents" (Revision)
T 1214 sp-12 "Interlaboratory evaluation of test methods to determine TAPPI repeatability and reproducibility" (Revision)
T 1215 sp-12 "The determination of instrumental color differences" (Revision)
T 1216 sp-12 "Indices for whiteness, yellowness, brightness, and luminous reflectance factor" (Revision)
T 1217 sp-12 "Photometric linearity of optical properties instruments" (Reaffirmation)
T 1218 sp-12 "Calibration of reflectance standards for hemispherical geometry" (Reaffirmation)
T 1219 sp-12 "Storage of paper samples for optical measurements and color matching" (Revision)
TIP 0404-33 "Dryer section performance monitoring" (Revision)
TIP 0404-39 "Dryer surface temperature measurement" (Revision)
TIP 0404-48 "Thickness (caliper) of towel, tissue, napkin and facial products" (Revision)
TIP 0404-59 "Methods to minimize sheet rewet in the press section" (Reaffirmation)
TIP 0800-01 "Units of measurement and conversion factors" (Revision)

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