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TIP 0416-01 "Recovery boiler performance calculation - short form" (Reaffirmation)
TIP 0404-04 "Recommended tensions in dryer fabrics" (Revision)
TIP 0402-16 "Guidelines for inspection and nondestructive testing of paper machine dryers" (Revision and title change)
TIP 0304-08 "Some questions and answers on gel temperatures and on the gel temperature test for corrugating adhesives" (Revision)
TIP 0402-34 "Paper machine reel-spool journals: guidelines for crack testing and repair or replacement" (Revision and title change)
TIP 0416-03 "Water quality and monitoring requirements for paper mill boilers operating on high purity feedwater" (Reaffirmation)
TIP 0416-04 "Water quality guidelines and monitoring requirements for paper mill boilers operating with softened makeup water" (Reaffirmation)
UM 411 "Opacity of paper using 45°/0° geometry reflectometer" (Revision)

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