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The standards eligible for approval at the next SARG meeting (October 6, 2010) are listed below. The asterisks (*) indicate the standards that will be eligible for submission to ANSI for consideration as American National Standards.

T 618 "Analysis of limestone"
T 613 "Analysis of caustic soda"
T New (WI 3015) "Determining construction (nominal basis weight) of corrugated board"
T 261 "Fines fraction by weight of paper stock by wet screening"
*T 213 "Dirt in pulp - chart method"
T 560 "CIE whiteness and tint of paper and paperboard (d/0 geometry, C/2 illuminant/observer)"
T 555 "Roughness of paper and paperboard (print-surf method)"
*T 465 "Static creasing of paper for water vapor transmission tests"
T 621 "Analysis of rosin"
T 493 "Identification and determination of melamine resin in paper"
*T 546 "Machine-direction grammage variation measurement (gravimetric method)"
T 429 "Alpha-cellulose in paper"
T 223 "Pentosans in wood and pulp"
T 622 "Analysis of sodium hydrosulfite"
*T 200 "Laboratory beating of pulp (Valley beater method):
*T 1006 "Testing of fiber glass mats: Use of modified TAPPI procedures for sampling and lot acceptance, stiffness, tear resistance, air permeability, and thickness"
*T 1007 "Sample location for fiber glass mat sheets"
T 434 "Acid-soluble iron in paper"
*T 1008 "Test conditions for fiberglass mat test methods"
*T 1009 "Tensile strength and elongation at break for fiber glass mats"
*T 1012 "Moisture content of fiber glass mats"
T 628 "Analysis of rosin size"
*T 1016 "Average fiber diameter of fiber glass mats"
*T 1013 "Loss on ignition of fiber glass mats"
*T 1014 "Moisture sensitivity of fiber glass mats"
*T 1015 "Fiber glass mat uniformity (visual defects)"
T 803 "Puncture test of containerboard" (Reclassification as a Classical Method)
T 541 "Internal bond strength of paperboard (z-direction tensile)"
*T 558 "Surface wettability and absorbency of sheeted materials using an automated contact angle tester"
*T 220 "Physical testing of pulp handsheets"
*T 454 "Turpentine test for voids in glassine and greaseproof papers"

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