TAPPI Membership = Toolbox of Resources

The secret to success isn’t knowing all the answers, it’s knowing where to find them!

Use your TAPPI member benefits to track down the information you need.

TAPPI Member Directory
Searchable by key word, company name, first or last name, email or city, state and country, TAPPI's Member Directory can help you find contact information for both individuals and companies that are TAPPI members.

Product and Service Guide: Better than a Search Engine
Looking for a product or service? This directory can help you quickly research and locate a variety of products and services from some of the leading companies in our industry. This annual print and digital publication is also full of useful information on TAPPI, your professional association.

Strengthen Your Career Path
Contact your supervisor about training and expand your knowledge-base. Whether you're trying to achieve your personal goals of career development, or lead your team through continuous improvement, we have you covered with TAPPI Academy, and the TAPPI Academy Catalog.

Training Your Supervisor Would Love
TAPPI brings together training from multiple mediums and a wide array of topics and content levels. Choose the one that best suits your needs. TAPPI can even help you communicate the value of investing in your training through our Justification Toolkit (this one is for TAPPICon, but you can adapt the content as needed).

TAPPI Connect Mentor Match
Find a mentor or become a mentor! This popular networking platform, connects students, young professionals, and experienced professionals to share resources and experiences, and work together to achieve professional and personal goals.

TAPPI Career Center
Find a job, or find a candidate. Post your resume, apply for jobs, get job alerts - or use the TAPPI Career Center to help you search for prime candidates to fill available positions.

Resources that work, even when the WIFI doesn’t! Reliable and practical books, manuscripts, conference papers, journals and more – most available at a discount using your TAPPI Membership. Search online, or though the TAPPI PRESS Catalog.

TAPPI Buyers Guide
TAPPI can help you zero in on your search for the latest technology available to the marketplace. Use the online TAPPI Buyers Guide, searchable by industry, business category or key word, to find products, services and resources.

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