Industrial Shredders Now Offering Cardboard Core Shredder

Industrial Shredders announced it is now offering its Core Shredder that turns cardboard cores into a moveable, reusable material to help improve the performance of an organization.

As spent cardboard cores accumulate in a plant, managers are often faced with two expensive and inefficient options: return the cores to the company of origin or throw them in the trash. Industrial Shredders' Core Shredder solves the problem by shredding the cores and transporting them to a baler for reuse or sale to a recycler.

Cardboard cores are fed into the machine by an operator and crushed by the infeed crusher rollers. They are then pulled into the radial cutting head, which shreds the cores into half-inch-wide strips. The shredded material is evacuated from the shredder through a discharge chute that can be tied into an air conveying system.

"Our machine removes cores faster and more efficiently," said Industrial Shredders CEO and Owner David Barnard. "Companies can save on shipping and transportation costs, reduce storage space and have the opportunity to recycle cores, turning them into a profit center. The Core Shredder is a tremendous way to maximize return on investment potential."

As with any shredding equipment, safety is a top priority. Industrial Shredders has designed the Core Shredder to include one solenoid locking switch, two magnetic proximity switches and two safety E-stops to ensure the safety of its customers' operators.

Industrial Shredders offers the Core Shredder alone, or as the main component in a system including a custom-designed discharge chute, ducting and diverter to tie into an existing air handling system. The Core Shredder can be installed directly beside the customer's sheet shredder, expanding the capabilities of the facility's recycling without the risk of costly repairs to the sheet shredder.