Metsä Tissue's Renewed Tissue Machine in Mänttä Moves to Continuous Production

Metsä Tissue's renewed tissue paper machine at the Mänttä mill in Finland has moved from the trial run phase to continuous production. The renewed paper machine will be used to produce fresh fibre-based tissue paper products primarily for the Finnish market. The upgrade will increase the production capacity of the tissue paper machine by 15 percent, as well as improve product quality and energy and production efficiency.

The renewal is an investment in increasing the production and improving the quality properties of Lambi, Serla and Katrin tissue paper products manufactured locally in Mänttä. The first products were trialled in June and the softness and strength of the paper have further improved. The new technology also enables tissue paper to be produced more energy-efficiently than before. The main machine supplier for the renewal was Valmet.

"The renewal of the tissue machine enables us to increase production and at the same time take an important step towards fossil-free production," said Kari Karttunen, VP Production of the Mänttä mill. "Development work on the renewal continues and I believe we will achieve the benefits we are aiming for and beyond.

"Our energy consumption will be reduced by around 15 percent per tonne of paper produced, leading to lower carbon dioxide emissions in line with our sustainability targets. In addition to increased production capacity and better paper quality, also our occupational safety will improve," Karttunen explained.