The Nanocellulose Market, Production and Pricing Report 2022

Published 30th September 2022
418 pages, 104 tables, 189 figures

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Nanocellulose (NC) can be classified into cellulose nanocrystals (CNC), cellulose nanofiber (CNF), and bacterial nanocellulose (BNC). They are are novel biomaterials with multiple industrial uses for replacing fossil derived raw materials. Desirable properties include high surface area, unique morphology, excellent mechanical properties, specific high strength and modulus, good biocompatibility, renewability, tailorable surface chemistry and good optical properties. Their use in the development of a variety of sustainable and renewable materials has grown considerably in recent years.

The market mainly consists of CNFs at present, as alternatives to resins, synthetic thickeners, strengtheners, and plastic additives. CNF-based products have already hit the market, mainly in Japan, and are viewed as important advanced biomaterials solutions in the packaging and composites markets. CNC and BNC products are near or on market in personal care and cosmetics sectors.

The Nanocellulose Market, Production and Pricing Report 2022 report includes:
· Pricing landscape for nanocellulose (Cellulose nanofibers, cellulose nanocrystals and bacterial nanocellulose), by types and producers.
· Analysis of the global market for cellulose nanofibers, cellulose nanocrystals and bacterial nanocellulose, segmented by market. Markets covered include packaging, composites, construction, textiles, biomedicine & healthcare, hygiene & sanitary products, personal care & cosmetics, paints & coatings, aerogels, filtration, oil & gas, electronics and batteries.
· Production volumes by nanocellulose producer (current and planned).
· Commercial nanocellulose product guide.
· The market in Japan including all commercial product offerings.
· 154 company profiles including production processes, products and pricing, target markets and collaborations. Profiles of all the major players in nanocellulose production (cellulose nanofibers, cellulose nanocrystals and bacterial nanocellulose producers). Companies profiled include Asahi Kasei, Blue Biofuels, Inc., Bucha Bio, CelluComp Ltd., Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., Daicel, Daio Paper Corporation, Inventwood LLC, Melodea, SAPPI, DKS Co. Ltd. and many more.