PPSA Presents March 26 Safety Webinar

Software and technology tools are on the rise and they can help safety professionals enormously in various aspects of their jobs. Unfortunately, many safety professionals are unaware of the tools because schedules are tight, meetings are endless and desks are full of paperwork. Safety professionals are often so busy working at their job, they do not have time to research the newest technology tools to help in their job.  

There is a solution to all of these problems!

Software and technology tools help improve performance, increase knowledge and reduce accidents. Employees have access to information 24/7 that enables them to find answers immediately, regardless of location.

We know you are busy, so careful research has been done to locate the only the best, most effective safety software and technology tools. Listen to this overview and, better yet, hear the details yourself at the PPSA conference in St. Petersburg, Fla., USA.

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If you have recommendations for inclusion, our team will review prior to adding them to the final presentation at the conference. Feel free to email Isabel@TheSafetyDoctor.com