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Runtech Systems Delivers a Dryer Section Modification to Smurfit Kappa Wrexen, Germany

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Runtech Systems delivers a dryer section modification to Smurfit Kappa Wrexen Paper and Board GmbH PM3 in Germany. With this rebuild, the mill benefits from improved runnability with less breaks and draw, ropeless tail threading with shortened tail threading times and improved operator safety. In addition, drying capacity of pre-dryer increases with lower and even average pocked humidity levels.

The delivery includes different types of contactless RunPro web stabilizers for pre-dryer section. High release EVsf3-V double-sided stabilizers are installed for slalom section where bottom cylinders will be converted to vacuum rolls. EVsf stabilizers for group gaps and EVdf stabilizers together with pocket ventilation nozzles are installed for 2nd and 3rd dryer groups. The delivery also includes geometry changes for double tier groups and group gaps to enable good runnability also in higher speeds, on-site vacuum roll drilling work and hood air system modification to keep air balance in proper level. Stabilizers are equipped with integrated nozzle and vacuum roll cleaning pipes to facilitate easy maintenance with pressurized air. In addition, pre-dryer section ropeless tail threading and tail threading to end of pre-dryer to sizer ropes will be upgraded with RunShooter technology.

“As one part of several continuous improvements, this project is a major step forward in improving the safety level for our employees. Furthermore, we will stabilize and secure paper runnability - especially for our White Top Testliner portfolio in our Pre-Drying section - in combination with the highest possible energy efficiency benefits. The rebuild is also a part of our common path to make work safer for our colleagues and to provide greater sustainability for the mill,” says Kay Berndt, Manager Technology, Innovation & Development.

“With this size of modification the customer will gain better overall efficiency of pre-dryer section which will enable more production without losing any quality properties of the end product. Besides runnability and capacity figures there is a big improvement in operator safety due to totally ropeless tail threading, which is a highly valued target for Runtech as well,” says Andreas Haselgrübler, Sales Manager, Runtech Systems.

EVsf3-V high release stabilizers together with traditional blowing nozzle stabilizers operate without any mechanical contact with fabrics giving easily adjustable vacuum levels and extra low maintenance costs. Movable high release nozzle is fed with inverter controlled low pressure compressor to create effective vacuum levels on sheet release point of top dryers. High release stabilizers together with vacuum rolls keep sheet in perfect contact with fabric in whole slalom area and that way provide a possibility to reduce draw between press and dryer sections without losing runnability on the slalom section.

Double tier groups geometry change to off-set transfer between top and bottom fabrics together with group gap changes shortens open and unsupported sheet transfers. Off-set transfer equipped with three nozzle construction EVdf stabilizers improves double tier area runnability, providing better pocket ventilation at the same time. Improved pocket ventilation with proper air settings gives flat pocket humidity. The overall results are less sheet breaks, more efficient sheet drying and even moisture profiles, resulting in major expected improvements preventing wrinkles and negative paper properties due to an uneven drying process.

The ropeless tail threading with RunShooter technology significantly improves operator safety while also shortening tail threading time during web breaks by up to 40%.


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