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Packworld reports that in 2018, the world produced about $36 trillion worth of manufactured goods, almost all of which was packaged, protected, and shipped in some form of industrial packaging. These industrial packaging products are key to the safe, efficient, and economical transport of manufactured goods in local, regional, and global commerce. In Smithers’ latest market report, "The Future of Industrial Packaging to 2024," it forecasts steady growth in demand for industrial packaging across the next five years, with market value rising from $56.2 billion in 2019 at a CAGR of 3.3% to reach $66 billion in 2024.
According to Sustana Fiber, a common phrase in management, "What gets measured, gets done," is one you’ve likely heard before. It means ongoing tracking and measurement that helps keep a company focused on improving helps uncover insight and data to inform important decisions. And when it comes to corporate sustainability, that phrase is one worth paying attention to. Consumer demand for sustainable products and services is only increasing. Shoppers are paying attention to every facet of how companies do business, from how they source their food to the packaging they use, sustainability initiatives and more.
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