TAPPI-PIMA Student Summit: Not Just Another Career Fair

Get to Know Potential New Recruits at the 2020 TAPPI-PIMA Student Summit

The 2020 TAPPI-PIMA Student Summit, January 17-20 in Norcross, Georgia (North Metro Atlanta), offers you the rare opportunity to not only conduct traditional interviews, but to get to know the recruits, be a part of the fun, and develop relationships – something that isn’t possible through the average Career Day event. As a sponsor, you can get as involved as you want; attend the entire program with the students, including fun competitions and mixers, moderate roundtables or attend the conference sessions. You’ll be part of the event for three days and get to know 200+ students interested in starting their careers out right.

What is the TAPPI-PIMA Student Summit? It's the industry’s only event that brings together students from paper and packaging schools and reinforces their interest in seeking a career in the pulp, paper, packaging, and allied industries. This event offers students direct interaction with their peers, industry leaders, and companies such as yours that are seeking qualified employees, interns or co-ops.

Why interview at the TAPPI-PIMA Student Summit? You’ll save on recruiting expenses while maximizing your exposure to a highly qualified, industry-specific talent pool. Let the Student Summit help establish your company as an industry leader to these future professionals and you’ll stand out from the crowd of other potential employers.

See how the TAPPI-PIMA Student Summit can get your company noticed.  Go to tappistudentsummit.org for more information, or contact Shane Holt at +352-333-3345 or sholt@naylor.com.