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Grain Processing Corporation
Muscatine, Iowa

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Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

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Procemex Inc
Greenville, South Carolina

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Epocs Manfacturing Inc
Longmont, Colorado

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Dayton, Ohio

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Naylor Association Solutions
Upcoming Events
June 2019 -- Registration is underway now for one of TAPPI’s most popular and highly regarded courses offered for ten years - the TAPPI Introduction to Kraft Pulping and Bleaching Course. This two-day course is scheduled for Aug. 13-14 at the newly revamped TAPPI Academy Training Center at TAPPI’s headquarters in Peachtree Corners, Georgia.

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September 30-October 2, 2019
Milwaukee, WI

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Industry Outlook
Paper often gets a bad rap, but despite fears about paper’s impact on the environment, it’s actually a practical and sustainable choice for many parts of daily living. We’re learning more about the benefits of supplementing technology with print when it comes to education, estate planning and even celebrating life’s milestones. And thanks to our industry’s continuing focus on paper sustainability, our environmental footprint decreases every year.

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What is the future of print? System magazine surveyed over 40 of its friends in the industry to hear about their professional two cents on this subject involving tradition, relevance, and sustainability.

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Naylor Association Solutions
Training & Education
The 2020 TAPPI-PIMA Student Summit, January 17-20 in Norcross, Georgia (North Metro Atlanta), offers you the rare opportunity to not only conduct traditional interviews, but to get to know the recruits, be a part of the fun, and develop relationships – something that isn’t possible through the average Career Day event.

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